The Buck 110

The Buck 110

This is a discussion on The Buck 110 within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I'm stuck waiting for a phone call, so I'm killing time. I figured I should accumulate some good internet karma. If I were punished ...

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Thread: The Buck 110

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    The Buck 110

    Well I'm stuck waiting for a phone call, so I'm killing time.

    I figured I should accumulate some good internet karma.

    If I were punished for spending too much on knives and had to choose only one company or maker, I'd carefully consider Buck Knives.

    And the reason why is sitting here in my desk drawer. The Buck 110.

    The Buck 110 has been in production since 200 AD and they've sold over 15 billion units.

    I'd venture this is the most copied knife in the world, second perhaps only to the Victorinox Classic. Even then I think the 110 is copied more often.

    It's heavy. It's thick. It's not designed to be opened one handed. It's made out of stone age materials.

    And it's just fine. Buck got it right the first time. Not that the 110 hasn't changed slightly over the years, but not enough for anyone to notice. It doesn't need crazy designs, weird blade shapes, space age materials, or a built in LED light. If you like no BS products this is for you.

    I'm constantly appalled by all the gun stores who will sell you all sorts of weird, crazy blades, most of them good of course, but won't carry the 110. It's like running a gun store and not carrying the Ruger 10/22.

    I command you to go get one right now if you don't have one lest you live the rest of your days in shame. There's one caveat: A Buck 112 is the only acceptable substitute.

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    I have one maybe 2 of them great knife

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    I have carried one off and on since age 16.
    Times have changed, LOL I used to have it on my hip almost every day of my junion and senior year of high school.

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    Needs a thumb stud.

    /ducks for cover

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    Yeah, I got a couple o' those too. A classic indeed.

    May the Schwartz be with you

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    The only one I have is from Buck's Custom Shop. BG42 steel, jigged bone scales, and brass bolsters. :D


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    The old Buck 110's are akin to the ZIPPO lighters. Remember them ? For you youngins out there ---themz the ones that you put liquid lighter fluid in and if you over fill them the fluid burns your thigh. That,to my reccolection, was the first time anybody used the term "Thigh Burns". Now, the term has a different meaning,(I'm told)--------

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    Back in the day, before all the ninja-tactical knives, this little rig worn on the belt was the fastest way to present a Buck open and ready! As you pulled the knife rearward and out, a nylon cam opened the blade.

    Last edited by Deke45; June 3rd, 2005 at 01:31 PM.

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    Buck's Custom Shop. BG42 steel
    I also had this knife built for me, and it's my summer riding companion. I've often said that I don't even know how to balance a motorcycle unless a Buck 110 is strapped to my belt.

    I bought that type of steel on the recommendation of good friend Lynn Little who has been carrying BG-42 Sebbies for quite some time. We both like S30V, but he seems to like the visceral feeling of sharpening BG-42.

    All I had to hear was the phrase "it's a better 110," and I joined the ranks.

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    I have a Bucklite knife that my grandmother gave me years ago. I carried daily on my belt for years, but now it rides on my "emergency belt" along with a holster and 4 15 round magazines for my Ruger P95/PC9 combo.
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