Need advise one Emerson/Blackhawk MOD/MercWorxs folders

Need advise one Emerson/Blackhawk MOD/MercWorxs folders

This is a discussion on Need advise one Emerson/Blackhawk MOD/MercWorxs folders within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am in a police academy and I currently only have a Spyderco Delicia and I want a slightly bigger knife. Plus it has an ...

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    Need advise one Emerson/Blackhawk MOD/MercWorxs folders

    I am in a police academy and I currently only have a Spyderco Delicia and I want a slightly bigger knife. Plus it has an OD green handle and I don't want to use it on the street. I handled the Emerson CQC-13 and the Commander. I liked the ergonomics and I really liked the wave feature, but the liner lock seemed weak. Also there was alot of blade waddle/give when locked. Maybe the screw was loose or something.

    I also handled the Blackhawk Mark 1 and a 685 I believe. The lockup seemed very solid and the ergos were also very comfortable. The blade did not move at all when locked open and the handle seemed very well crafted. The Mark 1 handle was a little big, but gave very good purchase. I really liked the MODs and after the academy I can get the automatic folders (if I can wait that long).

    I have no experience with MercWorxs and the are a little pricy and probably my last choice of the three. But they look really well made and I'd like opinions of the company as I might get a fixed blade from them in the future.

    I am looking several knives from each manufacturer and have pretty much narrowed it down to these three brands for now.

    1. ECBF CQC-13 (bowie style blade)
    2. UTCOM CQC-11
    3. Commander

    Blackhawk MOD:
    1. ATFK Advanced Tactical Folding Knife
    2. 875 Series w/Clip or Fighter blade
    3. Mark I
    4. Mark II

    1. Atropos
    2. Clotho
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    I would not buy MOD. The blade moves against milled false-bushings- basically you're rubbing hardened steel against anodized aluminum, each time you open it. They also thread the grip screws directly into the aluminum, and do not use stainless steel thread inserts, as Microtech does (read, "easily stripped"). Lastly, the screws are blued steel, and (IME) do not stand up to environmental exposure well.

    Emerson is good, I believe a bit overpriced for what you get. I can't see spending $160 or more for a knife not markedly better than Spyderco or Benchmade.

    Mercworx. If you want to spend that much on a duty knife... Pretty much the only one I would be interested in owning, but I believe I'd be carrying a waved Spydie, on duty.

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    I'm with Rob on this one. The Spyderco is a great choice! Good materials and construction. You may also want to have a look at the Strider/Buck Tarani collaboration.

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    I am a big Spyderco fan because I feel that you get a great knife at a fair price, always. I have a couple here that I will suggest. They are both great knifes, built very strong with great blade steel. I think either would work very well for you.

    The Para Military has a G-10 handle with embedded steel liners and a S30V steel blade. It uses the very strong compression lock.

    Here is a picture of the Para with the Delica to give you an idea of size.

    The 80mm Manix (Mini Manix) has a G-10 handle with steel liners and a S30V steel blade. It uses a back lock and is built like a tank!! It is shown here with the Caly 3 knife. The larger one is the Mini Manix.

    The Mini Manix shown here with the Para Military and the Caly 3.

    New Graham Knives online is a great place to deal with also.

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    OK, here's some advise if you're relatively close to "getting out in the streets." I'd wait until you're working, so you know the PDs rules & regs. You want to be in policy, so keep that in mind. I'm talking about in policy at the PD, under an FTO (Field Training Officer). Once you're at the PD, their "idea" of what you can carry MAY be different than the Academy.

    Also, when you become a "sworn officer", you'll have access to discounts, that are not normally open to you now or others. I won't go into it, & there might be opinions from other forum members pertaining to this, but it is what it is.

    Personally, I'd recommend that you wait & I'll leave it at that. Feel free to PM me anytime, as you have already, & I can elaborate on what I wrote.

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