More Zero Tolerance garbage!

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Thread: More Zero Tolerance garbage!

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    More Zero Tolerance garbage!

    This is getting ridiculous, a FELONY OVER A SWISS ARMY KNIFE?

    Will Chandler said he knows he should not have left campus when he and two friends left Wheeler High School for lunch a week ago.

    “I was like, ‘Alright, I’m going to get in trouble.’ I didn’t even know the knife was in there. I completely forgot about it and then they pulled it out,” said Chandler.

    A school officer found a Swiss Army knife in Chandler’s car’s console. Under the school’s zero tolerance policy it was an automatic suspension for Chandler.

    The next day, the Chandlers found out Will had also been charged with a felony.

    “We found out that my son, there’s a felony warrant out for him. It just seems like a nightmare. We’re still in shock,” said Sharon Chandler.

    Will Chandler was booked into the Cobb County Jail and his mother started a quest to find answers.

    “When the principal said to me, ‘This could kill someone,’ I said to him, ‘So could a pencil.’ My son did not have this on his physical body, did not have it on him, it was not in his backpack, it was not in his locker. It was in the console of the car,” said Sharon.

    The Chandlers said Will has a clean record and never would have taken the utility knife into the school, much less hurt anybody.

    The Chandlers said they understood Will’s suspension for 10 days, but they believe a felony charge against the high school senior is over the top.

    “This messes your life up, it follows you around for the rest of your life. When you fill out a college application, they ask you, ‘Have you ever been charged with a felony?’ When you go to work, they ask you if you’ve been charged with a felony and for right now, I have to mark, “Yes,” because of this,” said Will.

    “And now we are taking away from that and focusing on this because this cannot be on his record. If this was on his record the choice of colleges he can go to will be nil,” said Sharon.

    A Cobb School District spokesperson said their policy states a knife with a blade that's more than 2 inches -- the Swiss Army knife is 3 inches -- results in an automatic suspension and an automatic criminal charge.

    The Chandlers said they will fight it. Will Chandler wants to be a dentist and his parents said they aren't sure that can happen with a charge on his record.
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    WTH are they doing searching a students car? For leaving campus? Give me a break.
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    This kind of thing is just getting beyond stupid.
    I really can't think of the words to express my anger after reading this.

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    It is apparent that zero tollerance is just another way to say intollerant. And when left leaning liberal sheep become involved this is a synonym for stupidity.
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    Yet another point in favor of home schooling. America's becoming a nation of .... (nope, not gonna say it).

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    If we are not careful we'll be deciding we are trying to keep up with UK idiocies!

    This is beyond polite words - totally. Things really are goin to heck in a handbasket more and more.
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    Total stupidity. I can see maybe the suspension, but c'mon , a felony? common sense is truly dead, at least in that area.
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    I recall an incident in which a child found an old Swiss Army Knife in the school yard. It was rusted shut. The knife was pocketed and forgotten about. The kid turned it in later and was suspended and achrged with "weapon on school property." The whole thing was absurd.

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    This kind of crap makes my blood boil. Idiotic, feel good BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maclean3 View Post
    Yet another point in favor of home schooling. America's becoming a nation of .... (nope, not gonna say it).
    I will we are becoming a nation of Wussies What is the metality that is leading to the Wussification of America.

    I can understand the suspenison, he broke a school rule by haveing the knife (locked in his car) on school property. But a crimnal charge for a Swiss army knife.
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    This is typical liberal over-reaction. Just to feel good about preventing vilolent crime. Instead of addressing the reality of the situation in this country. Taking the easy way out(as usual)

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    screwing up a kids life over something so stupid. I hope they get this over turned and sue the school on top of it.
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    Well, whether or not the kid gets charged is really up to the Officer that handles the incident.

    Many states have special laws for "on school grounds" as many of you know with the recent VT incident. Because of that, a school can search a car of any student on campus with much less reason than LE. In fact, LE shouldn't do the search, it's typically one of the school's personnel.

    Now, please keep in mind that I'm not agreeing with this (Note that I wrote that the charge is really up to the Officer), but just trying to explain what they can do & the reason behind it. Also, I'm speaking from California's laws, but as we all know, most states are pretty close on the basic things. Except right to carry, of course.

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    You know, if this kind of thing keeps going on (and we keep allowing it) our kids are going to be really screwed up. As a country, we're getting what we deserve when things like this happen. Amazing....
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    Hell, I carried a knife from the time I was in the 7th grade. I still have it, and it's in my pocket right now. I'm 36 years old.

    My son (8th grade) on the other hand, can't seem to keep up with a pocket knife (or anything else) to save his life.
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