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The "S" Just Hit The Fan & U Can Only Grab One

This is a discussion on The "S" Just Hit The Fan & U Can Only Grab One within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Daddy Warcrimes Easy, my 18" khukuri, WWII style. Holds a good edge, heavy enough to be used as a hammer or hatchet, ...

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Thread: The "S" Just Hit The Fan & U Can Only Grab One

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy Warcrimes View Post
    Easy, my 18" khukuri, WWII style. Holds a good edge, heavy enough to be used as a hammer or hatchet, long enough to serve as a machete.
    I have been looking high and low for a good quality khukuri. How has it worked for you so far Daddy Warcrimes? Have you put it through its paces yet? (I might have to break down and learn to make one myself...)

    Mine's a tossup between the khukuri and ka-bar. Both are fantastic (haven't managed to break my ka-bar yet) for a variety of purposes, but the longer-bladed khukuri has the edge (no pun intended) in combat.


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    At this moment in time my choose is the Abaniko. It may not be the best fix blade out there but I like the feel and it easily can handle just about any task presented.

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    what if ?

    narrow this a bit, for say regular joe and jane

    -- max of $150, prefer a max of $100

    -- blade length max of 7 1/2" (Kabar type is max 7 1/2") long enough for the USMC and USN which makes it also concealable

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOGOFWAR01 View Post
    what if ?
    narrow this a bit, for say regular joe and jane
    -- max of $150, prefer a max of $100
    -- blade length max of 7 1/2" (Kabar type is max 7 1/2") long enough for the USMC and USN which makes it also concealable
    I'd agree these 2 qualifiers definitely make choices more palatable for the average user.

    Those CRKT Ultimas Chooie linked look especially nice ,especially with the 2 choices in blade length. I have noticed a LARGE disparity in prices online for those however, which worries me in a new(ish) release.


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    I had to work on the edge a bit, but I carried a Glock knife on my firefighting gear for years. Cut, chopped, broke windows, pried stuff open, beat things with the handle, punched holes in cars, you name it. No issues with the sheath wearing out or getting loose, either.

    Had to stop when one Captain thought it looked too much like a weapon Although I used it for everything else (except cooking meat over a fire) I never had to use it as a weapon.

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    If you're saying to limit the cost for the "common" person who doesn't want to spend over $100 (A realistic amount, I believe), here's what I'd suggest.

    A Ranger Knives RD6 ($90). Their sharpened length is 6", but the overall length of the blade, from end of handle to tip of blade, is 7". A RD7 ($100); again, sharpened edge of 7" & overall blade length of 8".

    There have been some great knives for under $100 already mentioned. I believe all the Ka-Bars & Ontario military based knives are all under that. If you look around, you can pick-up an Ontario RAT knife for well under that.

    I have a RAT3 D2 that I got for basically $60, RAT TAK ($45), a custom Ranger TAK ($75), Ranger Shank ($50), & an Ontario RAT-1 folder ($50). The folder is literally like a RAT3, but a folder & the handle's longer for a full grip with a large hand (Like mine).

    I also think the CRKT Ultima's I & II (I sold one to a Forum member here), are good. CRKT's First Strike aren't bad either.

    If you want to go the axe/hatchet route, I think for the money, you can't beat Fiskars. I think they're around $35 now as they've gone up, but they're made in Sweden & I believe have better steel than say, the Gerbers or similar ones.
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    For now I will stick with my K-Bar. Light enough to pack, heavy enough to wield effectively.

    Now down the road I might have to say the bayonet for my M-14, but I haven't got that far yet.
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    I personally care my SOG Trident with me everywhere I go. Its almost indestructible. Its been used as a prybar, screwdriver, rope cutter, wire snip, and to clean underneath my finger nails when bored. I just really trust my sogs. I think the next one I get will have a drop point blade rather than what I currently have, but it will definitely be another sog.

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    Ka Bar
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    Great question, QKShooter. I'd take a moro barong, hands down. Second choice would be a well designed bowie with a distal taper.

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    Going with the Camp Axe crowd here....

    However! I found a cheat!

    Gerber Gator Combo Axe

    or this variety of above with saw instead of knife

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    I have to say that I would go with the SOG Seal Team Elite. Great knife!!!! A real workhorse.

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    Just FYI I've found (through actual use) that knives with really prominent & extended guards and really pronounced "finger groove grips" really get to be a PITA when attempting to accomplish multiple and varied tasks with one knife.
    So for a multi-task "all purpose" knife I like a simple handle.
    That is if there is such a thing as an "all purpose" knife.
    All we can ever do is try to get close a perfect knife suitable for most tasks.
    There is always some compromise but, I personally will always opt for more blade for a survival knife especially if heavy camp and shelter chores are going to be tossed into the mix.
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