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Practical martial arts/self defense courses.

This is a discussion on Practical martial arts/self defense courses. within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ruertar ...I sat in through one of their classes... You are on the right track by sitting in and checking out classes. ...

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Thread: Practical martial arts/self defense courses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruertar View Post

    ...I sat in through one of their classes...

    You are on the right track by sitting in and checking out classes. It is the only way to find the right school, class (group of individuals and level), and instructor that works for you. Some schools have one or two week tryouts, make the most of it and try to go to every class you can in that time period. It is like picking a handgun for CCW you just have to shop around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruertar View Post
    I tried looking for a good krav maga class around here. The only one I found was taught at one of those strip mall martial arts/day care style places.

    I sat in through one of their classes and I was disappointed.
    Sorry to hear that! Most defensive training is only as good as the instructor. Don't write KM off after seeing only one school. If you let me know what part of the USA you are in, I can point you toward a quality instructor. Hint...any instructor that lets you sit in on a class without having you participate is falling a bit short of the mark! Self defense class is not a sewing circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolasrichards View Post
    check out; its a combination of krav maga, jiujitsu, muy thai...very combative and survival oriented..he has trained varous instructors in the florida area and around the country; instructor is former israeli special forces member and very well trained martial artist.
    I have to second this one. I took my classes from an affiliate that was up here in Northern VA. I started in MA in high school with Hapkido for 3 years. While off at college I worked out unofficially with a roommate who had spent a good 6 years studying kenpo. After college I tried Taekwondoh(to which I rapidly said DOH there goes the DOUGH$ -what a waste). I realized a few years ago that I was out of practice and needed something to sharpen my skills and maybe pick up a few new ones. So I eventually found the FIGHT system a few years ago. It is EASY to learn if they teach it correctly and it's designed to get you to a point where you can hold your own in a fairly short period of time. There's no bs belt or ranking system and it's about as practical as it gets(the more advanced training covers knife and gun work-among other things).

    I'd suggest checking out some of the other threads on here that already cover this topic. There are a large number of folks on the board that have decades of experience in various styles. One for example:

    oh's another thread too:
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    Thanks everyone for the informative reponses.

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    Definitely check out as many schools as you can, and hopefully you will find a good fit. Unfortunately martial arts seems to attract more whacko instructors than any other activity I have participated in personally.

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    I like Muay Thai personally since I like striking and have picked up some jits along the way. I have just started with Krav Maga and have found it to be a very efficient system and easy to learn. Krav uses pieces of different martial arts, although I wouldn't consider it a martial art.

    There are some bad ones out there for Krav Maga. Instructors make all the difference. Cardio kick boxing is a worthless.

    Did you check out any of these?

    Victory Martial Arts
    783 North Alafaya Trail
    Orlando, FL 32828

    Victory Martial Arts
    312 E. Michigan ST.
    Orlando, FL 32806
    Tel: 407-648-1690

    7512 Dr. Philips Blvd. Ste. 120
    Orlando, FL 32819
    Tel: 407-903-1133
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    Quote Originally Posted by c3ks View Post
    There are some bad ones out there for Krav Maga. Instructors make all the difference. Cardio kick boxing is a worthless.

    Did you check out any of these?
    I've only tried the ones at Victory Martial Arts and I have to confess that I was not impressed.

    The one on Dr. Philips is pretty far from me but I'll give it a try.

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    If you are young enough that your body can stand a hard style, I recommend Kenpo (or "Ed Parker Kenpo"), a good SD oriented style.

    If you have a "vintage" body like me, try hapkido, a softer korean style that is very SD oriented, relying upon throws and joint counterattacks rather than straight line power attacks. A good studio will teach stand-up punching and kicking as well, but emphasizes vicious in-close attacks and counters (and it's fun!).

    That's my $0.02. Actually, I feel that any style that speaks to you personally is the one to pursue, because it is the one you will stick with.
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    Kempo/Kenpo is good, although I'd say find a traditional school, not a commercialized one. Mix in some Aikido or Jujitsu to round things out.

    I stuck with Isshinryu.

    No matter what, I strongly suggest finding one associated with

    They work with a lot of disciplines to incorporate pressure point work into what is already there. To me, that is the true power in any form. If you are 100lbs or 250lbs, the pressure point work is the equalizer. Do not expect much until sho-dan rank and higher, but it gets you thinking about things the right way, along the way.

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    I'm 60, no time for schools, only seek training in IshYooMove/KlickPow...It will work for me.
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    If I were not training in the art that I have been training in for quite a long time, I would probably look at Krav Maga as my first choice.

    I feel that it is very difficult to find a good art with a good instructor. People tend to judge an art by the instructor and that is understandable. Ideally you would want to find a combat art, something that is going to save your life. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor of finding a good system!
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    I have studied Kum Do and Krav Maga for the last 15 years. IMHO you can't go wrong with either. Krav Maga is fantastic for real world application and I highly reccomend it. I owe my life to the training several times over. GOOD SCHOOLS and GOOD INSTRUCTORS are increasingly hard to find now days. Do your research on the schools and instructors and get as much info as you can. Ask around about the school and the instructors. If you lived in Kansas I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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    Krav Maga is good stuff. But, it is best if you can learn the stuff taught to the IDF and Israeli police forces. There is a watered down version for civilian consumption. While it is still very useful, it isn't as "intense" as it could be.
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    WW2 combatives.

    Not many teach it out there, but it's extremely effective, doesn't take years to learn, blah blah blah.

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