WI options?

WI options?

This is a discussion on WI options? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just moved to WI from OK, so my carry license went out the window. I used to live in IL and carried a defensive knife. ...

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Thread: WI options?

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    WI options?

    Just moved to WI from OK, so my carry license went out the window. I used to live in IL and carried a defensive knife. What are my options for WI? I would like to carry a larger knife then my Boker 4'' I have an 8'' knife but I think any cop that noticed that would hold me at gun point until the rest of the force showed up. The WI law is hard to follow, it makes it seem as if any knife is illegal. Can anyone help me with this?


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    It appears that only switchblade knives are prohibited by Wisconsin state law.

    Here are the WI statutes you could refer to:

    Relevant laws: 134.71 (1)(a)9, 134.71 (1)(g)1, 134.71 (1)(h)1 (relating to pawn brokers), 941.24 (switchblades)

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    I'd move again. I won't visit relatives in that state. Sorry, just me.
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    well wisconsin is not the best place right now for carrying a gun but they are at least making progress unlike Il. i'd say another year or two and they SHOULD have it. My mom lives there and i HATE not being able to carry my gun when there but there is just nothing that can be done. I think 8" knife would be a no go unless in a belt holder, no pocket carry but i could be wrong.

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    No switchblades. No blade restriction, but be practical. A 3-4" folder kept in pocket won't cause alarm. They could still get you under 941.23, which is the ban on concealed weapons, but it's a crapshoot as many people carry knives.

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    For knives in particular, there are many instances of local ordinances going beyond state law. As an example, here is the relevant Milwaukee County law:

    63.015. Carrying concealed weapons.
    (1) It shall be unlawful for any person, except a peace officer, to go armed with a concealed and dangerous weapon.
    (2) ...
    (3) ...
    (4) ...
    (5) The term "dangerous weapon" shall mean and include any instrument which can be used to inflict death or great bodily harm. The following are dangerous per se: blackjack, billy, sandclub, bludgeon, slingshot, pistol, revolver, any instrument which impels a missile by compressed air, spring or other means, any weapon upon which loaded or blank cartridges are used, cross-knuckles, knuckles of any metal, barbed or blade-type arrowhead, bowie knife, dirk knife, dagger, switchblade knife, or any knife which has a blade that is automatically opened by slight pressure on the handle or some other part of the knife, or any other knife having a blade three (3) inches or longer, a container of any kind or character into which tear gas or any similar substance is used or placed for use to cause bodily discomfort or irritation. Instruments herein not specifically enumerated, but falling within the above definition are dangerous weapons nonetheless.

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    Looks like they forgot about sticks and rocks LOL.
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