Kukhri fightin' guides.

Kukhri fightin' guides.

This is a discussion on Kukhri fightin' guides. within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So first off, I have a question. Me and my girlfriend like to hike/explore a lot, and I was curious of the legality of carrying ...

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Thread: Kukhri fightin' guides.

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    Kukhri fightin' guides.

    So first off, I have a question. Me and my girlfriend like to hike/explore a lot, and I was curious of the legality of carrying a big knife like a Kukri or a Bowie when doing that. I would think as long as it is not concealed it would be okay?

    Next, do any of you know of good websites or books on fighting techniques with a kukhri knife? I know the Ghurkas are pretty fearsome with them.

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    As for carrying it, really depends upon where you are. Most places knives are OK, but really have to check the local stuff.

    As for fighting, here's a place with decent information. http://www.gutterfighting.org/Main.html
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    I don't know much about the Kukhri knives, but after a Google search I found some info and prices that range from 40 bucks to almost 200 dollars.

    What is the difference other than presumably the quality? Some of them look like something I might see at the flea market.

    Where would you purchase one?
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    If you are doing a lot of deep woods trekking, camping, and exploring then absolutely carry a large Bowie type knife if at all possible.
    In fact you both should carry one.
    Not sure how much defensive fighting you'll need to do with it when you are out hiking and exploring but, having a large utilitarian knife sure could keep you alive in other ways.
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    Search your state's weapon laws. Look for blade length limits. Look for such terms as "exception" and "defense to prosecution." It may be an exception or defense to prosecution, that one is carrying a blade that exceeds normal legal limits, if one is using the blade as a legitimate tool or piece of sporting equipment, while participating in certain activities. My response is based on Texas law terminology; see if your state has similar stuff.

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    It depends on where you are and what you are doing.

    If you are camping or in the field, I wouldn't think it is a problem.

    If you mean can you carry it as a knife when you go shopping...

    First off, legality aside, how are you planning on carrying it? That's not a small knife.

    As to usage, look into Kali or Escrima for fighting techniques. Learn the lines of attack and the footwork and a kukri will sing for you.

    From my information about the Ghurkas, their fearsome skills with a knife are primarily a combination of being excellent at field craft and concealment, in addition to being able to move silently so they can come up behind you and either hack your head clean off or cleave it in half from the top of your skull to the spine.

    They aren't going to "Fight" you with the knife. They are just going to come out of the shadow and THWACK - No more you.

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    The cheaper ones will have thinner blade...uusally about an 1/8" thick. The steel may or may not be good.
    The better ones will have a 1/4" blade and be a better quality of steel. Ive got 2 of the Cold Steel ones, 2 at 1/4" and one 1/8.

    There is a seroius difference in cutting ability between the thick and the thin.
    I guarantee you that I could cut your arm off with the thick one. The thin one may take me 2 whacks at it.

    Most people dont realize that you can throw one like a tomahawk quite well with some practice. It'll bury up in a tree so deep that you have to use your leg to brrace yourself with to pry it out.

    QKSHooter is right though. I never go out in the Ozarks with a big knife. It can keep you alive if you have some skills and have to spend a day ot two that you didnt plan on there.
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