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Anyone lose their EDC knives?

This is a discussion on Anyone lose their EDC knives? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've lost a couple in the last 5 years or so, luckily I carry cheapies. I lost a gerber gator cast netting bait while fishing, ...

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Thread: Anyone lose their EDC knives?

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    I've lost a couple in the last 5 years or so, luckily I carry cheapies. I lost a gerber gator cast netting bait while fishing, net caught the clip as I tossed it and I got to watch it launch out into lake cussing while it fell. Replaced it with a gerber paraframe and lost that one while fishing too, though I think I just put it down after cutting line or something and it found its way under a rock that time. Replaced that one with yet another paraframe because I liked the last one so much. We'll see how long it takes for me to donate this one to the fishing gods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood View Post
    This is the third one i have misplaced. I'm pretty heated.

    Nope, I'm pretty good (read: lucky) about that kind of thing.

    In fact, I had a Spyderco Walker Lightweight that fell out of a pocket (the clip was never that secure and the knife rode high, to boot). I thought it "lost" for TWO YEARS, and then a supervisor (who also likes knives) summoned me to another room, where he bade me look inside an office chair -- and there was my knife!! It was dusty but had been safe under someone's butt for two full years.

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    Lost a Spyderco Harpy in a movie theater seat once. Gone when I went back, surprise.

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    Misplaced one, some years back. Had lost one for months but found it at Gate #2 at the airport screening desk jammed into under the floorboard of a heavy "gym" style bag. Had to mail that puppy back. It never made it back. Now, I have two (Spyderco Endura, and Spyderco Native FRN) and haven't lost either in the past 5yrs. It's one of the reasons I am happy that Spyderco keeps their prices reasonable.
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    I've got 3 Benchmade Mini-AFCK ATS-34 steel blades just incase I might loose one. My oriiginal one is so old that the serated edge is no longer there but it's still a great knife. I have lost a couple of Leatherman plier/knives while working and setting them down and walking off without them. I now have some harddrive powerful magnets on the inside of the kitchen cabinets where I take off my keys and wallet. I always stick my knives on the magnets. I got started doing that when my son was younger to prevent him from getting cut. Now it's habit and I know where my knives are. I've even mounted 4 of them for my German kitchen knives next to the sink. I don't get cut because they are in the drying rack and they stay sharp and in place. Those Molylib......(sp) magnets are great for keeping knives and guns in places where they normally wouldn't stay. Start saving those harddrive magnets. They are great for lots of stuff.
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    I have a somewhat interesting story that I wanted to share, but I didn't feel it worth starting a new thread and this one is relevant.

    Today I was changing the oil in my truck and used my knife to make a funnel from an oil bottle. I have worn this particular CRKT Alaska Bwana since I was in high school. I laid it on the ramp next to my socket set because I wanted it clean the oil from it before I closed it and put it back inside the waistband.

    I guess you have figured by now that I went to put up my tools and couldn't find my knife; you'd be right. Where was the thing? I didn't put it up with the tools. I didn't knock it to the ground. I couldn't find it.

    A few weeks ago, my grandmother rescued a dog [someone threw him out and she started feeding him] that likes to drag out anything (sticks, rugs, rocks, the newspaper, chains, gravel, the anvil, etc.) he can, chew on it, hide it, bury it, or leave it in the yard. He had been helping me with my truck. It dawned on me that "Varmint" had probably taken my knife.

    Grandmother saw me wandering around the yard with my flashlight and brought hers to help me. Dad pulled in to see these two fools and the dog participating in some sort of pagan ritual and decided to join in.

    Forty-five minutes later, Grandmother found my knife. It was about twenty-five yards from where I had been working. It was slobbered on but not chewed up in the least. Grandmother told me that I was lucky that the dog didn't bury it.
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    I just recently lost my Gerber Fast Draw. I'm sure it's somewhere around here.
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    I lost my SOG pentagon Elite when I was on a date, think the clip caught on the seat in the movie theater and popped it out of my pocket. I didn't realize it was gone until I got home from the theater which was about an hour away. I didn't know how to call and ask "I've seemed to have lost my knife, have you found it." Knowing the high schoolers that frequent that theater someone probably got a great knife for free.
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    I just remembered that I did lose a blue Leatherman Squirt, the one with the mini pliers. That hurt. I used to carry that all the time and it was a great little tool; and I haven't replaced it because I can't find them for less than like $30 and it bugs me that they cost so damned much!

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    I have been unfortunate enough to have one Spyderco Police stolen from me, one Spyderco Police lost, and one Benchmade Stryker lost too. Ugh, some guys have all the luck. Ha Ha!

    I haven't lost one in years though..

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    I've lost about three or four that have cost $80+ dollars! It is very frustrating! I've lost a couple of Benchmades and an Emerson and probably one or two others.

    My favorite Benchmade Stryker has yet to be replaced. I did get a Benchmade Griptillian that I am using now with the sheepsfoot blade but I still miss that Benchmade Stryker and will probably get another one eventually.

    Most of the time I lose them at work on the ambulance. I am constantly snagging them on things and bending the pocket clip out of shape. Usually when I snag it on something I'll immediately reach for it and see if it's stil there but sometimes I don't notice it or am doing something that is distracting me.

    I have since gone to carrying my knife in a belt sheath when at work instead of just using the pocket clip in the front pocket. This has worked well. When off duty, I carry with clip in front pocket and have had no issues!
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    Wow agave, glad you found it, that would have really stunk to lose somthing that you have had for that long.

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    My girlfriend lost her S&W tactical knife about a year ago. I finally found it while cleaning the living room. I had fallen into the couch and was wedged outta sight in the space between the back and seat of the couch.
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    I lost my SAK of 15 years the other day when I went to an indoor play structure and crawled around in the tubes with my 3 year old. The gun, wallet, and keys all stayed put, but that little knife slipped out.

    It just paved the way to upgrade to some more serious EDC knives,with clips or sheaths, of course.

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    I carry a leatherman wave and I think this is the 3rd one in 10 years. I need the needle nose pliers and the screw drivers in my line of work.


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