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Looking for a decent knife sharpener . . .

This is a discussion on Looking for a decent knife sharpener . . . within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; +1 on the Spyderco Sharpmaker - my Tri-Angle (about $60 retail) is good on plain blades, but outstanding on serrations. Very versatile, can be used ...

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Thread: Looking for a decent knife sharpener . . .

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    +1 on the Spyderco Sharpmaker - my Tri-Angle (about $60 retail) is good on plain blades, but outstanding on serrations. Very versatile, can be used on just about anything with an edge (scissors, etc.).

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    I tried and tried to sharpen knives using bench stones but was never able to get a decent edge. Now I use the Spyderco Sharpmaker. It is almost foolproof. Mine came with great instructions and an instructional DVD. I can get a dull blade razor sharp in less than 5 minutes. It can be used to sharpen scissors, nail clippers, gardening tools, hooks, needles, carbide bits, almost anything metal. I even used mine to bevel some sharp edges on my Kahr P9.

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    If you use stones and they get concave from extensive use they can be flattened by taking a large sheet of glass, supported by plywood, put sand and water on glass, hone the stone with circular motion pressing lightly. This wears down the ends till it is flat. Eventually the stone will wear out but it saves having to throw it away.
    Huh. Never tried that. How long would it take to do a coarse stone? They're usually the first to go concave.


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    Depends on the stone. Waterstones are easy to flatten, silicon carbide, not so much.
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    Spyderco's been the best I've had.


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    I bought a cheapo sharpener out of the little bin at Gander and have had it for years. Still sharpens like the day I got it.

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    I use the Lansky system. Pretty straight forward and sharpens well.

    Retail for the basic system is $34.99 but you can find it for $29.00.
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    I also use the Lansky, tho I need to get the diamond kit. After I am done using it, I finish my blade on the beveled edge of a car window. Yes....I said a car window. Just sit ur donkey doen in your car, roll the window down almost all the way, and run the knife across the edge as if it was a stone. When I am done my knives are sharp enough to perform surgery.

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    I use the Spyderco Sharpmaker on just about all my knives. For the serrated portions I prefer conical diamond rods (the Sharpmeker angles will cut a"V" groove in the base of serrations). The only knife I have that doesn't work well with these sharpeners is my SwampRat. The high carbon 52100 steel is convex ground so I go to my freehand stones for that one and get great results.

    No matter which system I use, I always sharpen from tip to ricasso. That keeps the tips from rounding off from slipping off the stones. The last step is stropping on my Tony Miller strops. I do this with everything from paring and chef's knives to my edc folders and all my knives are shaving sharp.

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    i always have used and relied with work sharp and found it really very great. They get the job done although there is a bit of a learning curve involved.

    It's serious business and most of the other electric ones are can be stashed away..If you're serious about your sharpening you should try the work sharp

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    For sharpening by hand I use a Norton India Stone. You can also use a Arkansas Stone (Fine) to refine the edge after you use the Norton if you desire. Both can be had for around the price you mentioned, and they are what I use on all my HC Steel blades.
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    Smiths 6" diamond sharpening stones. I have two. One coarse, the other fine.

    Honestly, I use the coarse one most often. They should last you a life time, and will likely be valued items in your household.

    Btw, you can use ANY sized blade on them. I just sharpened some pocket knives with mine, AFTER resharpening a machete we use around the place for clearing brush.

    Smith's DBSC 6-Inch COARSE Diamond Bench Stone with Micro Tool Sharpening Pad - Amazon.com

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    +1 on the Lansky and Smiths! I knew a guy who could put a super sharp edge on most knives using the bottom of a ceramic coffee cup.
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