A rule of thumb I have come to live by

A rule of thumb I have come to live by

This is a discussion on A rule of thumb I have come to live by within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have certain rules of thumb I live by. The first two were imparted to me by my father. #1. Choose Chevy or Ford. Drive ...

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Thread: A rule of thumb I have come to live by

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    A rule of thumb I have come to live by

    I have certain rules of thumb I live by.

    The first two were imparted to me by my father.

    #1. Choose Chevy or Ford. Drive one and despise the other and be happy with it. I choose Chevy personally.

    #2. When building a wooden fence in West Texas, use screws.

    Two more I've developed on my own:

    #3. Never eat at any restraunt with the word "taco" in the name.

    #4. Never buy a knife that has a gun company's name and logo on it.

    Seriously I wish the gun companies would just get the heck out of the knife business. Winchester knives? Chinese crap. Remington knives? Chinese crap. Colt knives? Chinese crap. I've had lots of these pass through my hands. All crap.

    Pretty much the only two I've ever encountered that aren't 100% crap are:

    #1. The Smith and Wesson knives made by Taylor Cutlery. They aren't crap but egads are they substandard for the most part. You can spend the same $40 on a Buck or a Kershaw or a multitude of other choices and get a real knife for the price of a mediocre one. I've had three of these knives given to me. One broke in casual use. Two others I keep around just because I don't know what else to do with them.

    #2. The Taurus knife that's made by Benchmade. This is true irony. Taurus has a reputation even today of spotty quality control on certain models, yet their knife is probably the very best gun company brand knife I've ever heard of. I haven't actually had one of these but it is a Benchmade so it can't be that awful. It's probably actually good.

    I have learned that a gun company brand knife is basically like a Pokemon video game: it's a piece of crap that sells because people mindlessly buy brand names.

    In reality the gun maker and the knives that bear their name have nothing in common. The truth is I think this is a big mistake on the industry's part. If I judged Colt firearms by the quality of their knives I'd think they were all junk.

    Am I wrong? Anyone had a good or at least decent experience with a knife that had a gun company's brandname on it?

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    This may be true Euc - in part - but my Buck Mayo TNT not only has the name on it - just the subtle Buck logo but it is a scary sharp knife with quality oozing from it.

    I looked other day at a buddy's Kershaw BOA - and that had a name on it but - it appealed a lot and I may get one tho not wanting to spend so much.

    I think thing is ''makers name'' stuff ain't a guarantee of quality - and true - sometimes I do feel we are paying (handsomely) for that ''privelage''.

    I have a knife which was a giveaway from Buckmasters - bit of a ''plain Jane'' handle but a blade by Camillus - and actually not a bad knife at all. Blade does say camillus which seems fair enough as they made it.

    Probably in the end.... thing is not to buy anything, solely - on the name emblazoned on it. Taking into account instead, perceived value - true origin and - does it do what you want!
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    The Beretta Loveless fixed blade hunters are excellent blades. Having said that, my folders are all Benchmades
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    I carry a Benchmade Mini-Reflex Auto and that thing is sharp as heck! Sure, it's abit more but worth it.

    But you're right, the Winchester and Colt knives are sold in one of those multipack things for a whooping $30 and you get the "made in China" stamp on the back.

    I do have a Browning knife that is high grade so they aren't all that bad.


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    The Browning knives are pretty good and i like my smith knives they have held up for me

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    I'm a cheapskate when it comes to carry knives

    I really tend to mess up the knives that I carry.
    I try not to ever spend too much on my knives because I honestly tend to beat them up better than most folks.
    For sure...a super quality knife would take a better beating but, I hate to mess up something really nice or get too attached to a great knife.
    I usually buy carry knives in the $30 to 40 dollar "max" price range because I know myself well enough to know that I AM eventually going to run it through my meat grinder of life.
    I know that at some future point it's going to be the only "TOOL" that I have with me & it's not going to be the exact right tool for the job & I am going to use it and destroy it or (at least) make it look like crap.
    It's funny how I really take care of my firearms but, I really do not give too much of a damn for my folding carry knives.
    If I ever bought a REALLY NICE EXPENSIVE CUSTOM KNIFE...I would probably just keep it at home and look at it.
    I absolutely love them & appreciate them but, I could not carry a super nice custom knife. Maybe to a wedding I could carry it in my Tux pocket but, not every day.
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    Has any body read the range report on the new Gerber 1911 fatty. Just, joking guys. I carry a Gerber fatty 20 bucks and I agree I can't see spending alot for a knife.
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    I dont use my Benchmade, or Emerson knives as normal cuting tools. Just like I dont carry a ball pein hammer for self defence. (Hmmm... that does give me some ideas )

    Thats why I carry two knives. I carry a Superknife or a multi tool for that stuff. I love this lill cheapy. Its always has a razor edge, and never needs sharpening.

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    As ive posted Before, Superknife is the way to go espically when your limited what you can carry becuse your on the job.

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