Sharpener Poll: Pick your favorite and best!

Sharpener Poll: Pick your favorite and best!

This is a discussion on Sharpener Poll: Pick your favorite and best! within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been solicited for gift ideas and have decided I want a good knife sharpening system. I used stones as a Boy Scout, but never ...

View Poll Results: Which would be best given my circumstances, and why?

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  • Spyderco Sharpmaker

    29 43.94%
  • Lansky

    23 34.85%
  • Warthog Sharp

    8 12.12%
  • Chef's Choice

    6 9.09%
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Thread: Sharpener Poll: Pick your favorite and best!

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    Question Sharpener Poll: Pick your favorite and best!

    I've been solicited for gift ideas and have decided I want a good knife sharpening system.

    I used stones as a Boy Scout, but never really developed the skill level to produce the edge I wanted. I have AccuSharps for the everyday "whip on a quick edge"........

    Now I want to take a step up, but not invest a lot of time learning a new system or trying to develop a new skill set......

    I expect the Spyderco Sharpmaker to be high on the list, having reviewed a lot of recommendations here, as well as Lansky. Two that also intrigue me though, are the Warthog, because it keeps the blade aligned properly to the stones and steels, and the Chef's Choice 120. Only one of these requires 120V, so all in all, what do ya'll think, ignoring price differential, and which do you have?

    It needs to be "Idiot (me) Proof"
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    The Chef's Choice is the most idiot proof of the choices. I like and prefer a sharp knife but I'm not anal about and use the Accusharp for most of my sharpening needs.

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    None of the above. I spent the bucks and got a John Burke sharpening system and never looked back. It will sharpen anything beyond your wildest dream.
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    The Burke system is outstanding, as is the Tormek. Both, however are quite expensive. If you're a woodworker, turner, carver, or knifemaker, either would be well worth your money. If not, the Sharpmaker is pretty straight forward to use and you won't need a second mortgage......

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    While I've got a Sharpmaker and a Lansky (and both of them work well), I do most of my work with a variety of stones (both water and oil) and finish with ceramic rods.
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    I'm on my second Chef's Choice in 30 years. I does a great job of putting a razor edge on all my knives that lasts longer then all my different stones/diamond hones that I also have. It's much faster and easier to use then anything else I've tried. Over the years I've probably spent several hundred on different sharpener rigs and the Chef's Choice has them all beat.
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    I'm going to get some stones in a few months here (when I get around to it) and they'll be Norton waterstones. I'm going to get the 3" wide combo stones, the 220/1000 and the 4000/8000 (for honing razors). I have the Lansky and its ok....but I wish I had done it right from the get-go and saved my ~$40
    Just my two cents.


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    The Chef's Choice only puts a primary grind on the blade. They are great for regrinding the primary edge quickly, which them needs to be followed up with getting a secondary edge on the blade. It leaves a rough primary grind on the blades which will cut, but not anyhwere near as well as a properly sharpened blade.

    I've used the Spydie set for almost 20 years, sharpening others blades for them at the gun club on Sundays until three years ago. The Chefs choice [ or any of the same type of sharpeners ] if it's needed to get a primary on them, then the Spyderco ceramics.

    IMO, the Lansky is a very good set, but it takes too long to set it up to sharpen, and I can get 3-4 knives done in that time with the Spyderco set.

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    Sorry, had nothing but good luck with my DMT gear.
    Glock 19/FEG/FM HiPowers/Keltec P32 for me. When I can't use my 870,N98 or Marlin .30-30 of course...

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    I use a whetstone my grandfather had. Then a razor stone my father had and finish it off with his old razor strop---the one he taught me manners with many years ago.

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    Heck, I just couldn't get the edge decent with the Spyderco system. I kept going to town, but was getting no where! I just did not have the patience to hone that shoulder down on the blade! I eventually sold it to Brownie, above.

    I recently picked up "Gerber Compact Ceramic Pocket Sharpener" for $4 at a local gun show. Has a course side and a fine stone side. No set up of angles/stones/safety rods, take out of my pocket and sharpen the blade! Talk about idiot proof and simple!!!

    Razor sharp blade is back!!!! Best 4 bucks I've spent in a long while. Go get one yourself and pick out something else you want on your gift list.

    Check it out;

    Gerber Sharpener
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    I didn't pick any of your choices. I like using stones. I just bought the Smith's Tri-Hone sharpening system. I like it a lot.

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    My system is to use both the lansky and spyderco. First, the lansky is used to set the angle, that is, take off a lot of material fast and at an angle more acute than the spyderco. Then with just a few strokes of the spyderco gets the edge breathtakingly sharp. Everybody I've ever sharpened knives for has been amazed at how sharp I can get their knives.

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    I use the Lansky Deluxe Diamond System because it makes maintaining a consistent and repeatable edge very easy.
    I "finish" with a few light strokes on a leather strop impregnated with finest red jewelers rouge for a polished, long lasting, "hair popping" edge.
    It works great for me so I've never really considered anything else.
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    I use the Spyderco on my Henckel kitchen knives, does a very good job. I do need to get something to put a primary edge on a couple of them as the kids have a habit of putting them in the dishwasher where they get banged around.
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