Calling to all Military/Contractors -- what knife for world travel?

Calling to all Military/Contractors -- what knife for world travel?

This is a discussion on Calling to all Military/Contractors -- what knife for world travel? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At the moment I am busy getting a degree in photojournalism, and in the direction I'm headed with this field it will be likely I'll ...

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Thread: Calling to all Military/Contractors -- what knife for world travel?

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    Calling to all Military/Contractors -- what knife for world travel?

    At the moment I am busy getting a degree in photojournalism, and in the direction I'm headed with this field it will be likely I'll have to do a lot of traveling internationally. Now, I now that probably the only weapons I'll be able to consistently keep with me will be a flashlight and a pocketknife. So I am asking all those of you who have traveled and fought internationally -- what is the best knife or brand of knife that you feel you can consistently trust? Preferably I'd like to have this knife very easy to carry in either slacks, cargoes, or jeans. It has to be extremely durable and not so big that it makes it uncomfortable to carry. It would also be nice if I could find a trainer version of this knife for every day practice.

    What would you suggest?
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    Benchmade, Spyderco, CRKT, SOG, and Cold Steel all make quality folders.

    CRKT is probably the least expensive of the bunch, and Benchmade both the highest quality and price.

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    Whenever I travel I am never without my Surefire E2e, Swiss Army Knife (the "Climber" model) and either a Spyderco Delica or Endura(trainers are available for both).

    I have been to several bad places and I have never had a need for anything more. YMMV.

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    One you won't mind losing.

    I carry a Spyderco Delica and my Surefire E2D. No problems yet. Knife goes in the checked bag of course. Flashlight goes in the carry on. Take a good multi tool as well. Always good to have some basic tools no matter what you are doing.
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    Get two.

    I'll second the motion for CRKT folders. For pocketknives, I've never had much need for anything more than about 3 inches. Find one you like and buy two. Or three. As mentioned, add an LED flashlight and basic multi-tool. Cheap to buy, priceless if you need them.

    Add a small fixed blade knife to the folder and learn how to use it. Big knives are usually the mark of 1)an amateur or 2)somebody who is issued equipment at gov't expense and one tool must do multiple jobs. Knife fights are ended by blood loss, sweeping cuts are the order of the day, not stab wounds.

    I carry a CRKT M16-10KZ on my strong side, a TDI LE from Ka-Bar on my off side. Both are between 2-3 inches blade length. The Ka-Bar has a trainer version with red handle. The man who designed it, John Benner, offers a class on its use (knife included with tuition) here: Tactical Defense Institute

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    I'll second a Victorinox multi-tool, gerber, or some sort of multi-tool. I probably wouldn't even try to carry just a knife overseas. I guess it would depend on what country you were going to. If you do decide to carry a knife then I would second what Scott said, "One you won't mind losing"
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    Preferably fixed blade, not too big, five to seven inch, good carbon steel with hard tempered edge, and rust retardent coating and synthetic handle. Not so expensive you'd be hesitent to either use it, or loose it. I like the Ranger RD6

    You should also carry a good pocket multi-tool like the Leatherman Charge TTi.

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    I EDC an Emerson Mini Commander and really think their "wave" knives are the best on the market. They have several variations of blade and left hand models. Check out the video vault there is nothing quicker than a wave draw.
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    Douk douk. If you really are "world travelling", much of the world doesn't allow locking blades of any sort. The cheap $20versions, at the bottom of the page. [ S Z A B O I N C . C O M ]
    Hmmm, it won't direct-link. Go to "Edged" and scroll down to the last 3 images.

    Fred Perrin has a good write up on carrying and modifying the douk douk- press the handle together(pliers) & it becomes a fairly solid fixed blade.

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    I'm still active duty, 23 years. For the past few months I've carried either my Emerson mini Commander, CQC 7, or MOD Mark II. When traveling I pack it in my checked baggage some where I can get to it quickly after picking my luggage up. All have served me well. I don't own one yet but a Benchmade is my next purchase.

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