So i have been looking for a new knife lately. Every few years i like to pick up a good pocket knife. My usual choice ends up as a S&W swat knife. Big-5 has sales on them that usually take them down under 20 bucks.
I live in Nevada so every now and then i find myself tossing some cash into a slot and once in a blue moon i win 20-80 bucks that i fuigure is fun money.(Still waiting till i hit 500 so i can pick up a XD9 sooner)

Well i found myself at wallyworld looking at knifes knowing they had some assisded ones. But looking at them im not really a fan of a kinda spike shaped blade. I end up using my knifes alot.

Well they had this Kershaw Storm II serrated there and I fuigured that its a good brand name and i liked how the blade looked.

It is a great knife and looks like it will hold a edge very well. I was also in awe of the blade as how it curves before the serrated part. Gives alot of cutting edge.

I almost kept it.
Some people might not mind it or replace out this part but I really was not amused by this. For grip surface on the handle they use grip tape. The type you can toss down on say your truck so you dont slip. Or another example is what they put on the top of skateboards.
After 1 day of carring it my pinky mid knuckle was getting raw. I was going to remove it but i just decided to go back to my S&W and return the knife to wait till my next purchase.

All in all it is a very nice knife for utility opens easly with the thumb or the tab on the back can be used to flick it open. But if you end up having to reach in your pocket more than 4 times a day i would not recomend it.