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Anyone not carry a blade?

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Thread: Anyone not carry a blade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrreynolds View Post
    My Baby!
    WOW, I think I need one of those !
    Speak softly, and carry a big stick.

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    I carry a pocket knife, that's it. Not trained to use one for fighting.
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    I don't. I live in Sweden. Over here it's illegal to carry a knife in public areas.

    Also, there are no permits to wear concealed weapons.
    The only way to have a gun here is if you are shooting with a registered shooting club.
    Then you start with a .22 for 6 months. After that you can use a 9mm or other guns for another 6 months. After that you can apply to get your own gun. If you get accepted. You can have the gun in a gunlocker at your apartment/house. You are only allowed to take it out when you go to a shooting range.

    Sorry for the OT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngda9 View Post
    WOW, I think I need one of those !
    My other baby!

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    Sometimes I carry a knife, sometimes I don't. I carry it for utility reasons, not primarily as a defensive weapon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    I carry a pocket knife, that's it. Not trained to use one for fighting.
    +1. I carry my NRA Membership knife for piddling around.
    I'd never think of it as a weapon though. If the BG is that close I think I'd be more concerned with escape than digging in my pocket for a toothpick. Last thing I'd need is getting a hand trapped in a pocket too.
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    Mostly do not carry a defensive knife except when I do occ carry a Spyderco Matriarch which does comply with Silly City (Seattle) ordanaces and is super effective.

    Pepper spray or a Koppo Stick The Koppo Stick

    often do ride alongs.
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    I don't carry a knife, but I'm considering it. Does anyone have any suggestion on a good knife?
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    Well, I dont carry a knife and probably never will. I feel fairy confident that my 38 will never fail. I love my 1911's and think they are very reliable, but for defense, my PERSONAL preference is the revolver. Point and shoot. period.

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    I don't carry a knife for defense. I carry a Swiss Army small knife for utility.


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    642 in Crossbreed, 8:30. Two speed strips in back left pocket. Money clip and keys in left front pocket. Phone in right front, and Kershaw tip up in back right pocket. If I have the leatherman, it is in it's case on the belt at about 3:30. I have minimal training in knife fighting, but my kershaw goes everywhere, even clips on my swimming trunks. I figure it's better than nothing, and I use it as a cutting tool almost every day, so I am quite accustomed to it being in my hand.
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    I do not carry a blade. I started having to wear a tie and go through a metal detector every morning and stopped after about the five thousandth time explaining that it was just a ity bitty pocket knife (2" long folder) and LEGAL.

    Now I don't carry one (even though I don't go through the detector very often any more) because I'm tired of feeling like Batman wearing a bat-utility belt.

    Belt? Check
    Holster? Check
    Handgun? Check
    Mag pouch? Check
    Mag? Check
    Cell phone holder? Check
    Cell phone? Check
    Bluetooth hands-free? Check

    It just got to be too much.

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    I always have my trusty Swiss Army knife, actually purchased in Switzerland, with me. As far as a defensive knife, I haven't carried one since I kept a Buck Knife folder on my LBE back in my Army days...
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    My problem is, I hate carrying tons of crap in my pockets. In fact, id rather go with nothing in my pockets at all.

    But, since thats not possible. I have my wallet, a small pocket knife(used as a tool, and only carried sometimes) a small LED light (only carried sometimes), a USB Flash drive( I use that for work, as a PC Tech) and my keys, which I never put in my pockets, I tuck the remotes into my waistband or tuck the keys into the pocket. They are too large to put wholly into my pocket. I do not carry a knife as a weapon.

    I should mention though, that I usually wear cargo type pants..if I do use pockets, its never the two fronts, just the sides and back.

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    Have you considered a TDI? They are small-ish, and are very ergonomic. It would have a happy home on your belt, out of the way of your pockets, but it's small and conceals very easily. They are versatile little knives, and can be had for around $40. Just a thought. I carry a folder clipped to right front pocket..

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