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This is a discussion on Special Wallet... within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; you guys been watching to many 007 movies...

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Thread: Special Wallet...

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    you guys been watching to many 007 movies

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    In truth, I'd rather give up my wallet, and watch dude run away... I never have any cash to worry about, and my credit cards are all limited liability, as long as I call the 1-800 number within 24 hours.

    The alternative might be a really pissed off druggie, that does not appreciate your sense of humor.

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    If someone wants my wallet, they can have it. THEN, there will likely be a slightly different and louder explosion and flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheepdog View Post
    If someone wants my wallet, they can have it. THEN, there will likely be a slightly different and louder explosion and flash.
    I wouldn't be too enthusastic about having a 'flash-n-crash' seated in a dummy wallet next to my bum.

    I'd have to deploy a "flash-bang" from, say, my strong side holster.

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    IIRC, didn't the ATF classify the other kind of wallet holsters as AOWs if they totally covered the gun? I seem to remember a letter at the shop where I used to work about that but can't find it now.

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    Years ago in a security magazine that i used to get they sold a hollowed out stack of what looked like money, you need to glue on the top bill to complete the stack. The stack then would rest on a magnetitc base that would keep the contacts open. When you got held up you would throw the pack of money in the rest of the cash or hand the BG the stack. Once out the door you hit a clicker like a garage door opener and the pack would explode the dye pack.

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    I would buy something like this, but would hope I didnt forget which pocket it was in when buying my next happy meal.
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    I could just see it, your in an accident and the paramedic is looking for your I.D. Next thing bang!!! Now the paramedic needs a paramedic and your [Edited] out of luck, because there's no one to take care of you.
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    Couple of odd wallets

    exploding money pac...tear gas or dye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentmel View Post
    Ok, I'm not sure if this belongs in Knives & Other Weapons or in Related Gear & Equipment. If I'm wrong feel free to move this thread. Ok, so here's my idea:

    For awhile now, we've been talking about scenarios where a BG wants our wallet, so we employ a dummy wallet, throw it to distract him, etc. What if someone constructed a special wallet? It would look like a regular wallet, but when the fold was opened, a small (but loud and bright) explosion would go off, surprising and disorienting the thug. Think of a small, flat flashbang grenade wrapped in leather.

    What do you guys think? Is this sort of thing even legal? Has anyone tried it? Maybe a DIY self-defense project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    If we are going into the world of bang/flash wallets, why not make a taser wallet, that when they pick it up it tases them into unconsciousness, maybe continues to shock until the batteries are dead, now that would be funny.

    This thread is too funny. While we are at it after the taser goes off a gps signal is sent to locate perp.....
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    To the OP: Wouldn't that qualify as "AOW"?...and subject to BATFE regulation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by agentmel View Post
    What if someone constructed a special wallet? It would look like a regular wallet, but when the fold was opened, a small (but loud and bright) explosion would go off, surprising and disorienting the thug. Think of a small, flat flashbang grenade wrapped in leather.
    Oh yeah, I really want that going off in my pants!
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    Isn't the ideal outcome of using a decoy wallet that the robber take it and leave us be with no further interaction? Wouldn't some sort of exploding gag wallet just serve to escalate the situation?

    Now that Sharper Image is out of business, and assuming you don't have access to "Q" branch - what do you figure it will cost you to construct an auto tasing wallet with blinding flash and deafening report?

    How about this:

    Buy an extra wallet from Walmart - $4.87
    Seed it with a handful of small bills - ~$14
    Seed it with those bogus credit cards that come in the mail - $0
    Seed it with pictures of ugly kids downloaded off the internet - $0

    Total cost: <$20 and there's a decent chance the perp will pick it up, glance at it and be on his way. If not, you're no worse off than you were before, and your robber isn't all bent out of shape over a dye pack ruining his new ecru Armani jacket. (In my tactical planning, it's always one of the Queer Eye guys accosting me. A shrink would have a field day with that.)

    Having said that, where would you put a decoy wallet? My pockets are full up with real wallet, cash, keys, pocket knife and reloads.


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