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How many do you carry

This is a discussion on How many do you carry within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry each of the four for a specific reason; my SOG multitool replaced the toolbags I no longer wear , my Kershaw is for ...

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Thread: How many do you carry

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    Here's my logic

    I carry each of the four for a specific reason; my SOG multitool replaced the toolbags I no longer wear, my Kershaw is for situations where I only have hand free / emergency situations, my cheapo two inch from the truck stop is for people who ask to borrow my knife, and we all know what my TDI is for.


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    Cheap folder in front pocket for the nasty work, SD knife clipped in front pocket for, well self defense only. And last, a Leatherman on my belt.

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    Two is the norm; a three blade beater for the "it may get broke" things and a knife clipped to the weak side pocket. Ok; then if I am at work or still have the work pants on I have a box knife (the kind that slide in and out with a single edge razor blade) and a single edged razor blade in a wall paper scraper thing for taking tape and stuff off windows and other stuck stuff off stuff; these are in my back strong side pocket! So, I guess it is four if you count the last two. I know that in some states I could get a concealed weapons charge for the two in that back pocket.

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    Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?


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    One Spiderco Endura or Delica clipped to an appropriate pocket, one Spiderco Ladybug on my key ring, and one Executive Swiss Army Knife (mainly for scissors, orange peeler, tweezers, toothpick, and other handy tools). A good knife is THE basic survival tool, second only to your trained brain. Don't leave home w/o a good one.
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    wow, hope I dont see you in a dark alley.

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    I usually carry 2. One is my defensive backup, used only in case of that purpose. The other is my "use" knife. Don't want to dull up my blade and then not have a sharp one if needed. If I carry one, it's a defensive knife, and I'll sharpen it when the day is over if I used it much. My "use" knives I sharpen when they need it...which is often because I end up using them all the time at work.

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    I don't carry a knife (for some strange reason, this wasn't a poll choice). The reason being is that I would probably get myself in more trouble with a knife, as I've had no training in the proper way to use a knife defensively. I'd feel more comfortable with some training under my belt before I relied on myself to use a knife properly.
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    On an average day I carry a Swiss Army Super Tinker along with my cell phone in my left pocket, I'm left handed btw, and a buck 110 in the sheath on my belt, left side. If I'm going to be outside doing some work I'll take the 110 off my belt and put it in my right pocket, and put my Leatherman Surge and my Buck 119 on my belt. My SAK never leaves my side.. if Iv got my cell phone.. Iv got my SAK.. I even bring it into the shower, it goes on the little table right near my cell phone.

    I might over do it a bit, but I like to be prepared.. when I finally do get my CCW permit I'll probably still carry the SAK, and my 110, I might even start carrying a fixed blade every day.. probably a kabar.

    I love knives.. Its no burden for me to have multiple knives with me at any given time.

    I use these all as tools too, id never pull one out to try and use it in self defense unless some guy had me down on the ground, strangling me or something and I had the chance to get a hand free and stab him in the neck.. otherwise.. My fists and pepper spray is all I'm using until I can get a CCW permit.

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    One, sometimes more. Been carrying the Shrade GEL pocket clip most of the time, and I have one of those Gerber para-frames that I really like. My favorites that I like to take care of don't get carried often...only on special occasions. All pocket clip folders. Figure I've never spent over $35 for a pocket knife anyway.....functional is best for me...they don't have much sentimental value or look beautiful. I have a couple of Frost knives somewhere. I used to buy 3-5 every year from CDNN right before Christmas.

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    I carry one pistol at a time. I have a total of 2.
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    There seems to be an opinion that the purpose of carrying a knife is for a weapon by some people here. Knives are tools that serve many different purposes and if need be, can be used as a weapon. I carry no knife with the purpose of being a weapon. I always have at least 3. Right now I have a Bucklite (for fruit and general cutting), Leatherman Super Tool (rope and misc odd jobs), Hand made Boleen (gathering herbs) .

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    -Cold steel SafeKeeper III (push dagger)
    -Spyderco P'kal
    -dinky little Swiss Army knife (for handing to people who ask to borrow a knife)
    -Spyderco waved-Endura (this becomes my weak-side knife if I can't carry the PD).
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    I always have at least one on me. If I am in work clothes I carry a Gerber Paraframe. If I am out anywhere else I always have my Griptillian on me and usually a little 1.5" Buck knife for general use.

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    I usually carry one knife and one gun but if I can't carry the firearm it's 2 knives, one on each side.
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