How many do you carry

How many do you carry

This is a discussion on How many do you carry within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have three now four that I carry every day. A 4in Kereshaw folder in a sheath, a 3in Gerber, a Chive on the key ...

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Thread: How many do you carry

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    How many do you carry

    I have three now four that I carry every day. A 4in Kereshaw folder in a sheath, a 3in Gerber, a Chive on the key chain and now a Boker Subcom money clip. Sometimes a neck knife or fixed blade. The lil lady for the first time in ten years mentioned she thought that the last two were over the top. Whats your take? How many knives do you EDC? How many do you think is too many.
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    I carry 1 knife, 1 gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carver View Post
    I carry 1 knife, 1 gun.
    Same here. I have one 4" Gerber folder clipped in my weak side front pocket. Its "all purpose" but if I use it in my daily activities, I touch it up when I get home at night. I try to keep my blades as sharp as possible.
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    I put down two. One is my Benchmade folder, the other is my multi tool. If I know ahead of time that I will be doing some heavy knife work, I will carry a third, beat up knife to save my EDC blade.
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    1 SOG Pentagon folder, 1 Glock 22 w/ extra mag(s)
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    One, sometimes more. Always a pocket folder, most often a Spyderco Endura (off work) or a Benchmade Griptillian (work). But I've got a large collection and do sometimes rotate them. Several CRKT (carried the M1 Lightfoot or M21 for work, various Cruisers off work), several other Spyderco's, Cold Steel Ti Lite, Al Mar, Benchmade Balisongs (legality for carry here is in question). Sometimes a Leatherman or a SAK added.

    Got a bunch of fixed blades I'd like to carry, but a fixed blade of ANY length is a felony here in Michigan. Even the little Cold Steel Urban Pal (1.5 inch blade), which I'd carry all the time if it were legal.
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    4" folder, 3" neck knife, 1.5" keychain knife, multi-tool.

    - OS

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    1 folder: always
    1 multitool: usually
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    I voted 2 sometimes more. I think I ALWAYS have 2 knives, but actually many times, I have more. I carry 2-3 off duty & 3+ while working. Usually, the extra 1 is a FB neck knife.
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    Two, on the left and right side. If one of these Brazilian Jujitsu boys has either side tied up I am going to the other and I bet good money he will let me go.
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    None...I do not plan on getting that close to someone.


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    Berlin, Germany
    1 utility blade (delica, minigrip) right front pocket
    1 SD blade (ghetto-waved crossbill, waved SE Endura) left back pocket.

    Maybe my shooting hand is occupied, so a blade for each hand...

    and the smaller knives to scare the sheeple as much as the Crossbill would do...

    Gun + 1 spare Mag, of course.

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    Reno, NV
    two now, working on three. s&w black ops, and razor knife for cardboard
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    Alright who voted 6 or more?
    I carry a gun for the same reason I own a smoke detector...I never, ever, plan on needing them...but if I do need them, and have them in a box...I won't be able to get to them for use fast enough.

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