Byrd knives

Byrd knives

This is a discussion on Byrd knives within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I read on another forum recently about a new line of knives called Byrd. Byrd knives are made in China, but they're licensed through Spyderco, ...

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Thread: Byrd knives

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    Byrd knives

    I read on another forum recently about a new line of knives called Byrd. Byrd knives are made in China, but they're licensed through Spyderco, who made sure the manufacturer maintained strict quality control. From what I read, Spyderco did this in response to comments that even though they make good quality knives, many people thought they were simply too expensive for the average Joe.
    In response to this, they contacted a Chinese manufacturer to make a new low cost, good quality knife. So anyway, I decided to order two models, the Raven and the Crow (which is a smaller version of the Raven) to check them out. IMO, I think these knives are well made, with an excellent feel to them. They have good weight and the blades, which come in a choice of straight edge or combination straight edge and serrated, are pretty sharp and seem to be of good quality. The liner locks (which I know some people don't like, but they also offer models with frame locks) function perfectly. Overall I think these are the best knives you can get for the price. What I also liked alot was how you can reverse the metal belt clips position so that it can be waved ( I used my Dremel tool to open the eyehole). I took them around for some of my knife afficiando friends to check out. I told them these knives are licensed through Spyderco and to guess how much they cost. They all thought the knives were well made, and really liked how I waved mine, and the general guess at the cost was around the $40 to $75 range. They were all very surprised to hear the Crow goes for $19.95, and the Raven was $18.95!! They each ordered one after that.
    I was wondering if anyone else has had a chance to check these out and get their opinions. For anyone who might be interested, I found them at

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    If they're well made, there's no reason they wouldn't be good knives. I like the looks of a few of them, I'll have to get one one of these days.
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    I really don't understand the Byrd line. I know what Spyderco is trying to do and it's smart (I do want them to be around in 20 years and not go the way of Winchester or Schrade!), but they already have the capability to make lower priced knives. An AUS6 or 440 series Delica with FRN handles for instance.

    But a Chinese knockoff of its own products? Eh, I'll pass Spyderco. I can either buy two knockoffs or for the same money get the real thing, that's much nicer and has the repuation and quality I've come to trust.

    Then again I remember on the Spyderco forum long long ago Sal Glesser even said he didn't expect traditional Spyderco buyers to be the ones who would be attracted to the Byrd line. In my case he was right.

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    Different market- very much like the BM Red Box line, or Kershaw's Steven Seagal(my comment on this knife-I own one-was that the ideogram on the off-side of the blade translates to: "Stupid Round-Eye Spent Too Much Money!"). When production is overseas, you have no guarantee of product.

    Sal frequents (register to view). You could ask his personal assessment, over there.....

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    If they do buisness with a chinese sweatshop, then I can say they have just been crossed off my "must purchase" list.

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    I have somewhat your thinking there too Bryan - seems a ''cop-out'' type of deal.

    I guess I am a purist!
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    I've got a cara cara that's been riding in my pocket for about four months.

    It's a little heavy, because it's all steel, but I like it.
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    I talked to Sal about them a little over a year ago. He showed them to me and explained them to me, but like the rest of ya I didnt and couldnt figgure out why. If you havnet had the pleasure of meeting Sal you've missed out. A truly nice guy.
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