After having been snow bound for weeks I was finally able to get my BK2 Companion out of the post office. Out of the box the BK2 Companion is an unpretentious nothing fancy blade like the 1095 Carbon steel it is made of. It feels substantial well balanced but not at all heavy. A quarter inch thick at the spine drop point blade with a single plain jane flat bevel. Fit and finish is decent with a slight ding on the spine. The BK2 has a decent factory edge. It handled well in my hand. First thing I stabbed a phone book about 2.75 inches deep without effort. May have gone deeper but I was hesitant to go through our rather thin local phone book into the counter. It comes with a decent kydex sheath with the usual attachment options

Its been my EDC around the homestead for about a week as I've gone about doing chores, fixing up some of the mess from our storms. Clearing broken & fallen branches it went through branches four inches plus thick and shaved bark off with ease. Cutting bailing wire and chopping ice four to six inches thick my shovel could not break up had no effect on the edge. The BK2 Companion remained sharp. For lunch whether slicing onions or rib roast for a french dip or parting chicken wings apart like a meat cleaver for buffalo wings it handled kitchen chores with a breeze in spite of its thick blade. Cleaning with solvents and 3M pads had no effect on the finish and it is holding its original factory edge just fine. Whatever task I put to it, the BK2 handled with no problem, without any noticeable effect on the edge or the finish.

10.5 inches over all, with a 5.5 inch by 1.75 inch blade, made from quarter inch thick 1095, a good tough steel make this is a stout, heavy duty blade. Ka-Bar's temper is reputed to make it some of the best 1095 on the planet. It takes and holds a very good edge. The BK2 Companion feels like a pit bull on steroids. Yet it is comfortable on the hip, fast and nimble in the hand. A practical EDC size for camping, hiking, hunting or survival. Unlike some of my 9 & 10 inch bladed knives which can be cumbersome and get in the way, this is a knife I would always have on me.

The BK2 has impressed me as exactly what it appears to be. A tough work horse, a working mans knife more than capable of doing whatever it is called upon to do. Stout and strong enough to dig a trench, baton through logs, hack through sheet metal or butcher game. Sharp enough to cut whatever needs cutting or carved, including any cooking chores short of filleting fish. Hard enough to hold that edge. For self defense the BK2 Companions would be brutal. It's nibble quick handling but heavy thick wide blade would drive devastating wounds into your assailant, removing fingers, hacking deep into bone, able to remove a head without a great deal of effort if need be. There are many other knives similar to the BK2 Companion, drop point blade made from 1095 with similar blade size and dimensions that often cost two three even eight times as much. I own a few. For all practical purposes they are not inherently any better in function than the Companion. That does not mean that I won't be adding any of those higher end knives to the collection. But if I could only have one knife to bet my life on the BK2 would be an excellent choice and Companion. For sixty some odd dollars delivered you can not go wrong and you won't feel as bad about scratching it up.