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Concealed if legal in my location at the time, usually either around the 8 o'clock position or 10-11 o'clock position.

This sheath/knife combo

Works well IWB under a t-shirt
have i mentioned how much i love this knife?


i love that knife.

knife laws are weird in PA. what's allowed in one county can land you jailtime in another. also, knives you'd think would be illegal aren't, like balisongs, while assisted openers can be.

in my area, carrying a large fixed blade is generally frowned on. large pocket folders or small fixed blades are fine. however, i have seen guys openly carrying large bowies and hunting knives walking down the street, undisturbed.

i did have one knife confiscated, but i was returned to me a few weeks later, without issue.

persoanlly, i'd love to be able to carry a fixed blade regularly, but it's impractical for me to do so, for legal and social reasons. i own a few knives that i can't carry, and collect dust on a shelf.