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Newb looking for some pointers

This is a discussion on Newb looking for some pointers within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by mercop I would rather have a sharp plain edged knife.- George That is the key George. Sharp, very sharp, is what works....

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Thread: Newb looking for some pointers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercop View Post
    I would rather have a sharp plain edged knife.- George
    That is the key George. Sharp, very sharp, is what works.

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    For SD I would not recommend serrated. The cutting demos I've witness with serrated knives through clothing convinced me that plain edge is best for SD (sharp of course).

    As for a good SD knife...

    Legal to care

    Easily deployable

    Stays closed when it's suppose to be closed

    Stays open when it's suppose to be open

    Can be gripped securely even when wet

    Allows for a natural grip

    Having a readily available trainer of the same make is a plus

    The Griptillan is an excellent knife although a little beefy in the pocket. I like the Spyderco Delica and Endura (won't bust the bank account when buying a live blade and trainer, both readily available). I'd add the Yojimbo but you can find them and Emerson CQC14 although it's rather expensive and there isn't a trainer available.

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    One of the sheeple friendly carry anywhere knives we recommend for Inverted Edge Tactics are the Spyderco Rescue folders. Hidden in plain sight but imagine it ripping your through your crotch or under your armpit, or your palm for that matter. Unless you are on the north pole the face, neck and hands are usually exposed. And even when people are bundled up the crotch is normally only covered with one layer of clothing.- George

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    I'm sure it's been said, but there are many factors, one of which is cost. How much are you interested in spending.

    Also, it is true that a knife's comfort in your hand is VERY subjective. That being said, here're just a few thoughts, & my opinion, only.

    While a PE knife is probably best, it also depends on your ability & willingness to sharpen your knife (Or at least keeping the edge up). While I agree with "Mercop" in that a sharp PE is best, I've also notice many people don't do the edge maintenance their knife needs, especially if it's a utility/SD knife. I think that's why serrations are popular, they'll seemingly cut longer while the PE might "seem" to dull quicker.

    Comfort in your hand is paramount & practice drawing (Deployment). Spyderco waved Delica/Endura are very good knives for the $. I believe the OP's state or city mentions a blade length of under 3.5". If that's the case, then it'd be the Delica.

    If using a waved folder, & it'll have to be the Spyderco unless you modify a waved Emerson, try clipping in your pocket wave forward. The slant typical in men's pants pockets (Yes, I'm assuming you're male, sorry), lends itself for more consistent wave opening (Try it in a slanted pocket with wave in either direction & you'll see what I mean). This lends itself to more consistent wave opening, but also allows for the knife edge to be blade forward (If deploying in "ice pick" position) or edge up (Like "Mercop" has written about to a good degree) easily.

    Aside from that, here're a few suggestions. Spyderco Delica/Endura for the stated reasons. Any Benchmade axis-lock (Comfort in your hand is the deciding factor), SOG arc-locks (The lock works about as well as a BM, but their quality's "usually" not as good as BM's), Kershaws (A/Os, flippers, & a combination of both).

    There're definitely more small-med. size folders available, but the listed ones are usually the most popular & usually stocked at a store that carries good quality folders. That way, you can handle them before buying & don't skimp. You don't need the latest blade steel, but a good blade steel is MUCH better than a cheap folder you that looks pretty at the last swap-meet you went to (Usually Chinese, but not necessarily).

    Good luck with whatever you get.
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    Welcome to MANTIS KNIVES---The Edge you've been preying for!

    I like these..its all personal preference.

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