ColdSteel anyone??

This is a discussion on ColdSteel anyone?? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I noticed most here (as do I) like/love Spyderco, Kershaw, SOG etc.. But I haven't heard anyone here mention anything about Coldsteel ..I bought a ...

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Thread: ColdSteel anyone??

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    ColdSteel anyone??

    I noticed most here (as do I) like/love Spyderco, Kershaw, SOG etc..
    But I haven't heard anyone here mention anything about Coldsteel ..I bought a couple back in the early 90's(pic below) and carried when I used to commute to work off hours in nyc(no ccw there;)..which i still have and like(great blades) ..anyone else have any cs blades they like? ..or maybe they're taboo here

    The first I bought was the Large Voyager tanto 4" early molded clip version(center, next to a fairly large bladed darrel ralph twister bali) ..the other 4" blades are just for comparison, Second was a Defender I (discontinued) duel edge Push-Dagger (tom beringer pulled one on charlie sheen in the movie platoon ..betcha ya didn't know they had cs daggers back in the nam ;D ..And a medium 3" voyager on the right next to an assisted Camillus Heat 3.5"

    I have a few other cs but recently I added a CS Gurkha Kukri in SK5 carbon steel (next to a nepal surplus khukri) ..haven't yet figured a way to fold it up and cram it in my pocket though
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    I had one of the Voyager Tanto half serrated. I carried it in college and while interning with Federal Marshals, since I couldn't carry a firearm. I liked it just seemed to scare people though. I wore it IWB.
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    Oh yeah.
    I've got the Trailmaster,several Gunsite folders, two boot knives,the Recon Tanto, a Gurka Kukri,the lightweight Kukri and several other great knives.
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    I have just two, the Super Edge and the Kobun.
    Like them both, but they just sit in the drawer right now.

    The Kobun is too large to be carried comfortably, and I find the serrations on the Super Edge inferior to the ones Spyderco or Benchmade does...

    Just my .02...

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    Was thinking about ordering some Cold Steel Kali sticks.
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    I like cold steel

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    Have a Safemaker that I enjoy very much, good weak side back-up. And an ODA that I haven't really been able to damage yet despite a large amount of abuse in the field.
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    I have a Master Hunter and SRK. Both have been good so far.
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    I had an older Trailmaster and it could take a beating. I gifted it to one of my relatives and as far as I know he is still using it.

    I believe the Cold Steel knives now are Made In China.
    The quality is still good but, if the Chi-Comms ever invade America I'll be wanting to chase them down and gut them with a blade that is Made In America.

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    I don't own any yet. I will probably acquire some in the near future as the range I shoot at now has an entire case dedicated to their product line. They seem to be good quality knives.
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    A Voyager with Tanto (serrated) blade was my edc from grade 8 to 11. It was my school, work, climbing, caving, kayaking, mtn biking buddy (along with a SAK, usually). I lost it in a cave in Alabama and picked up a neat looking little folder to hold me over until I replaced the Voyager. That little folder was a Spyderco and I ended up never bothering getting another Voyager.

    I have a SuperEdge (great utility blade, I did have to have a different sheath make for it that would actually hold it) and the smaller of the Bushman models (I love it). I have a fixed blade made by them that has served me well as a backpacking knife for more than a decade now. I believe it's called the SRK or something. I've hammered it, beaten it, dropped it, thrown it, built shelters with it, cleaned game with it, and pulled it in self defense once. You could offer me ten times what I gave for it and I would consider it an insult.

    So yeah, I like ColdSteel knives. The owner seems to catch a good bit of flak on the 'net for whatever reason, but they have some really good designs and I'd buy another one if it fit a need.

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    I think many of the CS products are plenty fine enough quality and an excellent value for the bucks.

    I EDC carry a 4" Voyager, an Urban Pal on keychain, and a Super Edge around neck. (my Super Edge has been rock solid secure for 6 months now in its case).

    Also have a Recon 1 partial serrated I carried for a good while, but went with the Voyager at half the weight, at least for now. Also have a Double Agent neck knife, and wore that for several months, but finally had to admit that while it concealed perfectly, it was just too big for that at least daily.

    Best thing about the above knives, is that if lost, only out $20-55 worst case.

    They're all plenty strong, sharp as dadgummit, and even the 1.5" Urban Pal can be a show stopper if it came to that.

    - OS

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    I have a Recon 1, and know that if I need to, I can beat the crap out of it and it will be fine.
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    Cold Steel gets mentioned fairly regularly...

    My experience with them has been that they're good "bang for the buck" knives. I've had several (both fixed and folder) at one time or another and have been pleased with all of them.

    One of the older Safekeeper IIIs is my EDC fixed-blade.
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    Recon 1 in my left hip pocket. Considering getting a Voyager X2 for the right side.

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