Need some ideas....

Need some ideas....

This is a discussion on Need some ideas.... within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; lately i have decided that i want to try to conceal carry a fixed blade instead of my usual folder. i can spend about fifty ...

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Thread: Need some ideas....

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    Need some ideas....

    lately i have decided that i want to try to conceal carry a fixed blade instead of my usual folder. i can spend about fifty dollars on my new blade, which has to be 3.5" or less. i am considering a CRKT first strike because i like CRKT and the sheath it comes with seems like i could rig a iwb carry, which is the way i will carry the knife i get which ever it may be.

    to make a long story short, im just looking for some opinions.
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    Thumbs up Sounds Good To Me

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    NICE! unfortunately for me (& i'm not totally sure) but in ohio i believe with our CHL we can carry a handgun concealed but it buys us nothing in regard to carrying a concealed knife...which, with that being said, we would still be open to a concealed weapons charge. silly i know but i beieve thats the facts.if this is untrue to someone in the know here in ohio lemme know/correct me.

    but back to the original subject i do like those CKRT knives...umm i hit a deer and i fixed the damage to my vehicle myself so i have some money burning a hole in my pocket.

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    Those are nice knives. However, there are a couple of things that would make them more appealing (to me at least). One is that I don't like the "skull-crusher" type pommel, I prefer something flat so that I can thumb-cap the butt of the knife. Of course, I primarily use reverse grip, if you prefer forward grip this is a nonissue and the agressive pommel gives you another striking surface.
    I'd also like to see a either a guard of some sort, or a finger choil to keep your hand from sliding up onto the blade on a hard thrust. That being said, the cord-wrap looks pretty "grippy" so a guard might not be necessary.

    just my $0.02...

    edit to add: I went and looked at the knife again and saw that the handle is contoured to increase retention. This being the case, my only issue with this knife is the aforementioned pommel.
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    TDI Law Enforcement knife... I find it to be easily concealed and an excellent knife with one of the best blades I have seen in a while, at a reasonable price as well.

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    I personaly dont see taking the size penalty of fixed blade nowdays with the quality of folders avalable ( back in the buck and flicket days it made sense to me ), but to each thier own i guess

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