My Unlicenced Defensive Carry "Options"

My Unlicenced Defensive Carry "Options"

This is a discussion on My Unlicenced Defensive Carry "Options" within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sadly I have never actually bought a Defensive carry firearm. Lack of money and lack of money to spare to get a License have held ...

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Thread: My Unlicenced Defensive Carry "Options"

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    My Unlicenced Defensive Carry "Options"

    Sadly I have never actually bought a Defensive carry firearm. Lack of money and lack of money to spare to get a License have held me back, however I do defensive carry what is legal for myself.
    I think of defensive carry as not only defending one's self from people or creatures but as defense against anything the world throws at you.
    normally I ear durable jeans, tennis shoes, a T-shirt, and a reliable jacket that covers my torso down to about mid thigh. I wear sturdy leather belts that are thick enough to not be dislocated by my equipment. I prefer these belts to have either Stainless or Brass buckles.

    Hands: I am a trained in hand to hand combat. 12 years of Shaolin Kung-fu. Specifically Long-Fist

    Belt: Heavy duty mag light: It is a a useful defensive weapon as well as a must have for survival. The tool itself is about 1/2 pound (i've never actually weighed it.) and is about 6 inches long. many knives a person will hind themselves against are about this long if not shorter in street muggings or assaults. A flick of the wrist allows you to have the tool out and ready to use as a bludgeoning weapon.

    The Belt Itself: 1.75 inch wide .25 inch thick leather pistol belt with Stainless steel buckle. I've worn this belt in and oiled it with mink oil to a strong yet supple flexibility. I can remove this belt quickly and easily.

    Front Right Pocket: A custom made 4 inch blade Pocket knife with 4.5 inch grip. 440 Stainless, .25 inch width, leaf blade--a wide round strait edge. The knife was originally a switch blade however because of Florida law I was forced to remove the spring that made it so. The Grip of my knife is a one piece molded steel with a single reinforced l bolt to hold and lock the blade. The release of this knife is a small button easily out of the way from being pressed in the minds of a fight or work.
    This knife is very useful for cutting cord up to 2 inches thick easily as well as another hand to hand weapon.

    Left Front Pocket:
    Lighter--benefit is obvious. Gerber. I keep my Leatherman in the left pocket because if i need it, its there, but in the left side because I will rarely need to whip the thing out and any more than a snails pace. (I'm right handed)

    Rear Right pocket: Wallet. I put nothing else back here, except the off folded piece of paper.

    Left Rear Pocket: Small BOBor BSK: basic survival kit with tinder, fishing line and hooks, Neosporin, alcohol, aspirin packet, coffee packet, Water Purifiers, potable water tablets (after purifier, extra 100lb-test wire (12 inches) 4 AA batteries (for light).

    Inner Jacket Right Brest Pocket: First aid kit. including but not limited to Tourniquet (SP), Neosporin, alcohol, Bandages, Splint, aspirin, Nasonex (I don't have allergies.), soothing eye drops or saline solution (I am often wearing contacts.) Tylenol with Codeine. (A throwback from my army days. Its a great pain reliever...and i'm out of it :( ) Vegetable Oil in a plastic one shot vial, (An easy way to loosen the bowels, also a great way to purge yourself if you eat the wrong thing.) Vinegar in the same type vial. (vinegar has many useful purposes.) Scissors, mirror, scalpel, basic suture kit. the entire kit is about the size of a day planner. ironically the same size of whats in my left pocket.
    Cordage--always have cordage. I prefer a strong thin cord that I can use to make snares, or set Trot lines. Normally if i feel the need I carry five feet of cordage wrapped around a small set of tools. if I do this i keep the cordage in a larger pocket.

    Inner LEFT Brest Pocket Waterproof Survival Manual, back up light. And gridded note pad: The gridded note pad can be used for terrain notes as well as quick messages. Permanent marker, backup pen. Flint and steel.

    Outer Left Brest Pocket. Lead holder with led. (this is a great tool. The Led holder keeps the Led safe from breaking and its self is very durable. (I also like to doodle. Eh.)

    Other Outer PocketsSpare $20 bill. Cell Phone. I don't put much in these pockets. They contain odds and ends that I pick over the day; change, papers, spare knives, phone numbers, etc.

    Unfortunately, I've become very lax with what I DO carry for lack of leaving the house. But I have my BOB in the car and normally have two knives and a sourse of fire.
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    BOB in the car?
    You're practically a 'walking BOB'...
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    That's a ton of stuff.
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    Why do you carry all that stuff? Is this a parody? I'm sorry, but I can't see a situation where a guy living in a remotely urban area would need this type of gear. Lax carrying for lack of leaving the house? Sorry, I just can't take this seriously as useful preparation for any kind of plausible emergency.

    An emergency coffee packet and fishing line wherever you go? You can "remove your belt quickly and easily?" This is a pretty surreal second post, following the first where you claim to have a whole bunch of military experience -- and seem awfully proud to have an SS medal.

    You're able to do extremely well in the military, get a whole bunch of optional training, train with other forces, so on -- but can't get it together enough to save up the $120 needed for a Florida CCW. Same for guns - a lower end handgun is $100-200 used, especially if you shop around. I got an old Nagant revolver for $60, and I'd carry it if I had nothing else.

    Doesn't add up. Sorry.

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    Im keeping my good eye on ole Pyro

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    A year ago after knee surgery I started carring a wood cane. A good option.

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    Gecko45, is that you?
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    what no portable gas mask?
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    You are not paranoid if you carry a gun. It's a tool to protect your self when trouble comes looking for you. Sometimes people get carried away with all the accessories or want to show the gun off. Keep in mind that this is a tool for your protection and the less people know about it the better off you will be. Shop around for a gun and eventually find a used one in your price range. You are carrying way to much stuff

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    Sell all dat stuff you're carrying, get a carry permit, and buy a gun
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    It's the Midnight Ninja. BOO!

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    Sorry folks....unfortunately that's my brother for ya....
    Just be glad you only have to deal with him on the Internet.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    First off, Pyro, welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like you have a lot of stuff there. If you find that you are carrying so much that you are always leaving something at home, you should probably carry less. Most of us are within 100 yards of our car all day anyway. That might be a better place for some of your "equipment"

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrofool View Post
    ...The knife was originally a switch blade however because of Florida law I was forced to remove the spring...
    I am glad you have respect for Florida law. I am not an expert at knives or the legalities of them in Florida, but I would not carry such a knife. It still looks like a prohibited knife and would attract unwanted attention from LEO's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerriLi View Post
    Sorry folks....unfortunately that's my brother for ya....
    Just be glad you only have to deal with him on the Internet.
    If this is some kind of joke, we actually don't have to deal with him at all....
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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