Ka-bar Tdi 1477 legality in NY

This is a discussion on Ka-bar Tdi 1477 legality in NY within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi all, I won't waste everyone's time about knife laws...I've read almost every version available on the internet and spoken with attorneys about it...so no ...

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Thread: Ka-bar Tdi 1477 legality in NY

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    Ka-bar Tdi 1477 legality in NY

    Hi all,

    I won't waste everyone's time about knife laws...I've read almost every version available on the internet and spoken with attorneys about it...so no need to post them. I realize how vague and subjective blade laws can be. I'm just looking for some plain talk opinions about the possible ramifications and risk/reward of carrying this knife in NY. *(not NYC)*

    I have carried folders for many many years and have recently purchased the small Ka-bar TDI knife. If for some reason I was ever asked by a LEO if I was carrying any weapons, I would disclose that I have my trusty UTILITY knife on me (usually my Spyderco Delica wave). To avoid having the officer believe that I might have intentions of using the knife as a weapon, of course I would not mention self defense, but only that I use my knife for opening boxes in my business, during my outdoor sport activities, and for cutting seatbelts when my kids are in the car, etc. I am a family man, business owner, and pistol permit holder who does not have any blemishes on my record. I work with many LEO's in my business and have many PBA cards and local cops that I could call to verify that I am a law biding citizen.

    That being said, I feel like the TDI knife by its nature will be viewed as more of a defensive weapon and the LEO may not buy into the whole "utility knife" explanation, especially if he needs to bang out a collar. It clearly looks like a weapon whether the LEO knows its purpose or not (gun retention).

    After sifting through all the NY knife laws, it seems like I could certainly be arrested for carrying "criminal possession of a weapon", but I would think that to actually be CONVICTED of that crime, the prosecution would have to prove that I had intent on using my knife unlawfully against someone. Hopefully it would be thrown out, but only after spending money on an attorney and possibly losing my pistol license (which is not an easy thing to obtain in NY). I'm hoping to get some input as to your opinions on the risks of carrying the TDI in NY.

    ***Side story*** I was in NYC with a group of friends, and a transit cop saw my friend's folder clipped inside his pocket and he pulled him aside and questioned him. Actually he is NYPD so it was a non issue, but it made me think about the possible ramifications of carrying my blade. *I was very impressed that the cop picked him off because it was mostly concealed. Good job to him!* Of course my tdi would be completely concealed but if I was asked if I had any weapons, I would not lie to the LEO. I have never been searched in my life, but I sure as hell don't want to get arrested.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks guys. Great info on this website!

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    I wouldn't risk it if I were you. The T.D.I. is a weapon. There's no ambiguity there.

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    I have and carry one. I doubt you would have a problem.

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    While there are 101 uses for a knife all knives are weapons. Keeping in mind the knives specifically prohibited I don't believe NYS law prohibits carrying a knife for self-defense purposes but rather carrying it with the "intent to use the same unlawfully against another".


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