fix knife pocket clip?

fix knife pocket clip?

This is a discussion on fix knife pocket clip? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Buck "Sandman" knife (model 872), which I love, but the pocket clip is coming loose. I've got the tiny screws tightened up, ...

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Thread: fix knife pocket clip?

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    fix knife pocket clip?

    I have a Buck "Sandman" knife (model 872), which I love, but the pocket clip is coming loose. I've got the tiny screws tightened up, but one of them is just rotates freely; I'm guessing either the screw or the screw hole is stripped.

    Are these tiny screws a standard size? If it's the screws that are stripped, is there a good place to get a few for a reasonable price? (I'd bet my local hardware store doesnt' have anything that small.) If the screw hole is stripped, what can I do to fix that? JB-Weld?


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    I'd have to say your screwed.....

    Time to get a new knife or you can always try the JB weld,. My thought is you don't want to have your knife fall out of your pocket if the clip breaks sometime,. Specially if there is kids around.. (that don't know not to touch it).. If ace don't have the right size that you need, or it is stripped, I would just think about getting a new one... Better one??? Upgrade???

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    I had a similar problem with my Gerber only I ripped the screw out when I hooked the clip on the corner of the couch. Don't ask how I have no idea didn't tear the couch or my pants.

    I went with a slightly larger thread cutting screw (the kind with a tapered tip not the self drilling kind to cut new threads). I had to take the knife apart run the screws through the clip and then cut the cutting tip off the screws.

    So to answer your question just buy a new knife I'm cheap and like to tear thing apart
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