Kudos to Buck

Kudos to Buck

This is a discussion on Kudos to Buck within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just had to give a public thumbs-up to Buck Knives for a recent experience. A few weeks ago, I was using my daily carry, a ...

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    Kudos to Buck

    Just had to give a public thumbs-up to Buck Knives for a recent experience.

    A few weeks ago, I was using my daily carry, a Buck Rush, to whittle down a piece of wood. (You know, it's those important things we carry a knife for ...) I went to flip a small chip from the cut, and the tip snapped off.

    "Shocked" would be a good term. Never had the tip of a knife snap off like that -- & I certainly wasn't prying on it.

    I have to assume it was a defect of some sort in the metal, as the knife is well-made, and every Buck knife I've ever owned has stood up to abuse. (My hunting knife has been a Buck for years, & those things will go thru bone with no substantial problem -- & no tips snapping off, to-date.)

    So I sent it back. Explained what happened, and asked if they could help me out. Yesterday, I got my answer: a brand new knife, and a coupon for a nice discount on a new Buck knife, to make up for my inconvenience.

    If every company stood by their products like that ... well, we all know that they don't. And it's a mighty pleasant thing to see a company that still does!

    Kudos to Buck Knives! I'll continue being a loyal fan.

    -- Rev. Doug

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    Excellent! I have a Buck and am very happy with it. Nice to know they stand by their products. Had a similar issue with a Spyderco. They were fantastic also.

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    Quality service is as important as the product...sounds like they are 'top rate'...
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    They have repaired a couple broken tips for me. Nice company.

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    I am not it the market for a knife but when I am I would certainly look at bucks

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    The knife I used the most during my time in the Army was a old Buck 110 folder.... Damn nice knife that took and held a good edge....
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    Makes me wanna buy a Buck!
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    Bucks are good.....I still have a Woodsman model, that I got for my 18th birthday.....which would make it 40 years old. The sheath is worn pretty bad
    but the knife is still in beautiful shape.
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    Still have the 110 (Folding Hunter) I got at 16..................last year.............
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