Thinking non lethal addition is needed

Thinking non lethal addition is needed

This is a discussion on Thinking non lethal addition is needed within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thinking I need to add a non lethal defense weapon to my carry items. Reason being I figure there could be a lot ...

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Thread: Thinking non lethal addition is needed

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    Thinking non lethal addition is needed

    I am thinking I need to add a non lethal defense weapon to my carry items.

    Reason being I figure there could be a lot of situations that could arise where shooting someone is not the answer. And I also believe that the gun should never come out of the holster unless you intend to shoot someone. You can't just wave the gun around to scare the guy(s) off or something.So when you think about it the gun could be useless in a lot of confrontations you might come into.

    Anyway that being said, I am thinking I need a good pepper spray to throw in the pocket. I am wondering what the best spray would be. In doing some research I am thinking the Fox Labs 5.3 is the answer.

    Am I on the right track?

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    Kimber makes a good OC jetspray, cant remember what its called, I THINK its called LIFEACT II, someone will fill that blank in I hope, and OC spray is NEVER a bad Idea. Although as others will say, sometimes OC just dont work. I carry OC spray all the time, so I think it IS a good idea.
    Fox Labs is a good choice
    Sabre Red is what I carried while I was security in a private community around here, used it twice and it worked like a charm,still carry one today.
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    OC 17

    3 oz. police strength pepper spray 17% Oleoresin capsicum with UV dye
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    PepperBlaster, live OC unit, black
    Kimber Store - Less Lethal - JPX Jet Protector Black Frame w/ Laser
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    Thinking non lethal addition is needed-black-jpxlaser-web.jpg  

    Guns dont kill people. people kill people
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    Non-lethal is a good option IMO. I have it but seldom carry it.

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    I used to have a small can of Saber OC spray, carried it all the time till a friend needed some for a Ex. Still havent gotten a replacement.
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    Pepper spray is also good on neighbor's dog that will not go home and may be a threat to small children.

    Also works well on stray cats that you can't get to leave.

    At any rate it is better than hot water or calling the city pound.

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    Fox pepper spray is incredible. I hear all the time, that pepper spray does not work on some people. I can tell you for a fact, that just 500,000 SHU pepper spray will immediately take the fight out of darn near anyone. Pretty much the only time that pepper does not work, is when you miss. That being said, you want to move far enough away afterward, so that they can not grab you. Some people will still fight after being sprayed, if they can touch you. If this were to happen, a good shot up the nostrils would finish the job. At work we are trained to stay calm and fight through it, just in-case we get hit with it ourselves. Also don't be afraid to spray at an attackers mouth and nose, if the eyes are covered with glasses or something else. This will make them feel as if they can not breath. Your main aiming point though, should be the brow and eyes. Spraying the brow on someone that is wearing glasses, will still work.

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    Personally, I believe if you are going to carry a gun, you should also carry some form of less lethal deterrent. That's just my personal opinion.

    There's a saying, that if all you carry is a hammer, then all your problems start to look like a nail.

    Anytime you can avoid shooting someone, you're ahead of the game. The more tools you have in your defensive "tool box" the more options you have at your disposal and the more opportunities you have to avoid a potentially lethal confrontation.

    One thing a person needs however, is a clear understanding of the level of force matrix. For example, if you are faced with a lethal confrontation which demands a lethal force response, you don't want to be pulling out your pepper spray in the "hope" of not having to shoot someone. That's an easy way to end up dead. You don't pull out pepper spray against a man armed with a deadly weapon like a knife or crowbar.

    Pepper spray is used against physical threats from people who are unarmed or at least not armed with a lethal weapon.

    I carry Fox brand pepper spray and so does my wife. I find it to very potent and from a quality control stand point, they are a reputable manufacturer and their potency is pretty consistent across board. Saber brand is also a top of the line brand.

    I also carry an impact tool like a Kubaton, although it's actually a 120 lumen LED flashlight of the same dimensions and can be used as a Kubaton.

    So, beyond my primary and back-up guns, I carry a flashlight, OC spray, Impact weapon, and pocket folding knife.

    A lot of people feel that is a lot of stuff for your average ccw person to carry. My situation is that I deal with violence and or violent people almost daily as part of my occupation, so my point of view may be different from those who have yet to meet a real life violent encounter in their life.

    I avoid trouble like the plague when I am off duty, but I also have the luxury of knowing what it's really like on the streets when violence comes calling and I plan on having as many options of dealing with such encounters as possible.
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    You are correct that you need non-lethal self-defense options. You already have non-lethal otpions--your hands and feet. But you really should have an option before the "laying on of hands." O.C. is an excellent pre-physical non-lethal option. And Fox has a great reputation.

    I also highly encourage you to get some defensive handgun training along with O.C. training.
    A traffic ticket is formal recognition of a lapse in situational awareness.

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