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SHOPPING FOR A KNIFE? Here's what we carry.

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Thread: SHOPPING FOR A KNIFE? Here's what we carry.

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    Nov 2009
    Smithfield NC
    Spyderco !!!

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    New Member Array Keithmj's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Saint Petersburg, Florida


    I just carry my little Gerber E-Z Out Jr Serrated Edge, fits in my shirt pocket and it weights next to nothing. I lost one after it came out of my pants pocket that I had it clipped to. I need to super size it..Cheers

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    Arnold, MO
    Cutco Lockback, American made, stays sharp, and guaranteed for life, only $45

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    new york

    CRKT Hissatsu folder

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    Leatherman Wave

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    Southern IL
    D2 Benchmade Griptillian all black and I absolutely love it. Had it for 2 years and it still operates and cuts like it was new. Plus Benchmade has awesome, if not the best customer service in the biz.
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    I love the Benchmade knives. My favorite folder is an 800s HSSR AFCK. I also rotate that with a Kershaw Spec Bump and two CRKTs -- an M-16 and an M-21. Just depends on my mood, the clothes I'm wearing, where I'm going and what I'll be doing (e.g., the CRKTs are a little bigger than the other two, so I avoid them for working at the office).

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    washington pa
    stormcaller i was thinking of getting that knife is it realy worth it?

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    I only carry a Ka-bar. I have several versions, folders and fixed but this is usually on my side.

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    Fernandina Beach, Florida
    I'm such a pushover for knives. I just started carrying this spring assisted karambit.

    It's 7" overall with a 2.75" blade. Very nice build quality, VERY sharp

    Skate tape inserts in the slabs make for a superior grip. I figured to test drive this $30 version before dropping a couple of benjamins on an Emerson.

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    CRKT M-16 spear point plain blade.
    Carrying a gun means I am prepared for one more eventuality than those who do not.

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    on a daily non work day, I keep 3 handy

    Benchmade ATS-34, partially seratted folder roughly 4" blade about 8" overall (unfolded) for SD

    a Remmington, pearl handle, duel blade folder with both bades deploying from the same side, (that'll give you one nasty un-stichable cut with both blades open) it's for practiacal use though

    and a recently purcheced Frost "Cat's eye" stiletto, it's mostly for show as it looks like a switch blade, is deployed in a quick mannor with satisfying "Clicky sound", and well just so much fun to play with, what with fliping the blade out, closing it, and repeating it over and kinda losens the blade, but I can easily tighten it, besides I only gave $10 for it, I'll just get a new one to play with if it breaks, so whatever. it does keep a pretty good edge, and get this, it's American made, despite being a frost.

    it looks pretty intimating in some ways, espically when considering how fast that blade flips open. mine has a black non gloss handle though

    on a work day, just my remmington for cutting boxes ect, my manger is always amazed that my knife works just as well as her box cutter, in fact better, cuz it's easier to grip, lol.

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    I always carry in pairs. I currently carry 2 Benchmade nitrous strykers, 912s with the plain satin tanto blades, 2 Spyderco 4th gen Delicas, half and half black blades in vg10 w/frn handles, and 2 Emerson CQC7s with plain satin tanto blades. With wave. Normally I have 4 knives on at all times. Left and right pocket cip, one in the cell phone pocket and I wrap and rubberband my cash around the handle of one of the Spydercos. It makes an excellent money clip. When I'm back in civilization and can CC I just carry one clipped to the left hand pocket along with the "money knife". My speed strips go in that pocket as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I have two Kershaw Ken Onion for SD, and the other for specific cutting jobs...the SD cuts nothing.
    My exact same knife configuration.

    Be Safe,

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    I'm 5'7" 200lbs, so significantly smaller than you, but I also carry a SOG Flash II. Only difference is mine is a plain blade. If I'm feeling especially tactical I'll strap my Ka-Bar TDI.

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