so are Frost knives just completely hated?

so are Frost knives just completely hated?

This is a discussion on so are Frost knives just completely hated? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've looked around the forums for awhile now and have found that all in all Frost knives are considered to be shopping network junk... so ...

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Thread: so are Frost knives just completely hated?

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    so are Frost knives just completely hated?

    I've looked around the forums for awhile now and have found that all in all Frost knives are considered to be shopping network junk...

    so has no one here ever come across a even halfway decent Frost knife?

    I have a frost Tanto knife I've had for going on about 7 years now a gift from my uncle who yes, bought it off a shopping network as a set...considering I got the knife at about age 13, and I grew up in the Georiga foothills...that knife has LITTERLY been through HELL, tree chopping, acidental rock clipping, throwing it at dead logs, anything and everything you can think of...and yet, I still have the knife and it's still got a pretty damn sharp edge, perfectly straight blade, no rust despite leaving it outside for weeks at a time (I DO take good care of it as I do ALL my knives with at least a monthly sharpning despite wheather or not it's used)...all in all it's been a pretty fine knife, and it's a frost.

    now granted for carring purposes, I keep a Benchmade ATS-34 folder on hand, but that's mostly because the Tanto is too big about 13" long, and fixed bladed, but for home defence, if a gun wasn't an option i'd definitly reach for that frost tanto.

    where's the love for the frost? they're more than affordable in most cases and as long as you stay away from the frilly fantsy $#@%, and pretty decent for use.
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    i have a bunch of Frost knives that i've got
    over the years. not from shopping networks,
    i got mine @ SMKW. i carry a frost locking razor in the watch pocet of my jeans.
    i have whittlers,lockbacks of various sizes.
    these are all in a bag tucked away in the
    camper. my main knife brand is Schrade.
    but, i can't complain {too much} about the Frost brand.for the most part everyone i own
    suit their purpose as needed.
    no fantasy crap here.
    in a sticky situation,i'd rather be caught w/a Frost blade.. than no blade at all.

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    Hey look on Ebay you can get 40 assorted of them for $28.00.

    or 9 of these for $13.00

    or 50 of these for $94.00

    6 of these for $14.00

    or..The Galactic Bowie II for $7.99 Buy It Now - if you're really getting into heavy SHTF survival mode.

    There are some great deals on Ebay on Frost knifes if you're into thinking they are great knives.

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    A person is more likely to carry a cheap Frost for everyday use then one of the expensive brands. In reality the Frost may out function the expensive knife for the very reason that you are not afraid of breaking or ruining it from using it. I like Schrade knives myself, they are good multiuse knives at reasonable prices.

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    I never have been afraid to "use" a Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel, Kershaw, Buck, CRK, or Stider Knives. I guess after using them repeatedly, you know what to expect from them, esp since a knife is really designed to cut not pry or etc.... To the OP, if you like Frost knives then slowly try a higher quality knife and see how much you love them. In the knife world, you truely get what you pay for. Then after you own a bunch of name brand knives and maybe some customs, you can thank (or curse) Frost knives for introducing you to a great hobby of knife collecting, and a love love for fine cutting tools!

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    Most of Frost is crap, but there are a few jewels hidden in their lineup. Its like every other knife maker, there are good knives, great knives, and crap knives.
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    When I was a kid I loved Parker-Frost knives. As an adult not so much a fan of Frost stuff.

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    i have been to their factory store in chattanooga tn. they got some good deals in the store. they got some good knives and they got some not so good for sale. they are hard to beat for a work knife.
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    Jim Frost is a cutlery prostitute. He cares about what sells, not if the knife is any good.

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    I didn't say I LOVE frost knives or even have that many, I own 2 frosts. then the rest are remmington, Benchmade, a cold steel or two, one buck, and an american issued service knife I got from my uncle who was in the army. along with servarl "dispaly knives" that are good for little else but looking pretty

    all I was saying was what TerriLi was saying, I think ther're are one or two good knives there, just like some of the good knife makers have a bad one or two every now and then

    the tanto I have is one solid pice of steel with the handle fixed to either side, it's completely full tang as it's one piece. it keeps a great edge on it, and has never bent or broken on me yet and I give it a beating.

    so all I'm saying is that sure, a lot of thier knivs are cheap junk, but there are a few quality ones out there

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