Went to a gun show on Sunday...

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Thread: Went to a gun show on Sunday...

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    Went to a gun show on Sunday...

    and came home with a new AR.

    CMMG was at the gun show in St. Charles MO this last weekend.
    Had a base AR-15 carbine (223/5.56 1:7 twist) for $650.

    Most economical price I have seen since I started looking a year ago.
    Basic specs of the package:
    * Mil-spec certified 4150 chrome-moly vanadium steel M4 contour barrel
    * 5.56x45 NATO chamber
    * 1/7 twist
    * Hard chrome lined chamber and bore
    * M4 feed ramps
    * 11 degree recessed target crown
    * F marked forged front sight base
    * Parkerized Barrel including under the front sight base
    * A2 Flash hider installed with Peel washer
    * M4 Single heat shield Hanguard
    * Forged M4 upper receivers are T marked and have extended feed ramp cuts (M4 ramps).
    * Semi Auto bolt carrier
    * Forged lower receivers are RDIAS/RLL compatible.
    * Mil-spec fire control group with .154 diameter Pins
    * Mil-spec .154 diameter hammer and trigger Pins
    * Mil-spec .250 diameter take-down pins
    * Mil-spec 6 position ribbed reinforced stock

    I took it apart (like most guys do) when I got it home to clean and lube it up.
    Taking a vacation day tomorrow and going to the range
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    Thats a great price on a solid AR. Nice find!
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    Wish I could find a deal like that around here...
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    A new AR for $650.00...who's the manufacturer?
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    I would call that a good deal.....

    and that would be a massive understatement.

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    Good find!!

    What are ya planning on putting on it?

    Recently got my first AR and am starting to catch the bug, haha. Just received a Geisele SSA trigger and haven't had a chance to take it to the range yet but with just sine dry firing it's going to be a HUGE improvemet over the stock mil trigger.

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    Put up a range report after you go!
    guns rule

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    OK, took a vacation day today and went to the range.
    Blew through 200 rounds of 55 grain Remington 223's without any problems.
    All the shots hit within 8" of the bullseye at 125 ft.

    An older gentleman shooting next to me handed me a full clip (30 rnds) of 5.56 and they all shot great, too.
    (It's great making new friends at the range!).

    I am very pleased with the purchase.

    Since I can't see squat anymore (probably typical of 50+ year olds), the iron sites have to go and the first thing I plan on getting is a scope.

    Any ideas on the scope I should acquire?
    My budget would be a maximum of $300-$400.
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    Disregard, I cant believe I missed the pic. Thats a nice catch! I love the removable carry handle feature. Great feature at that price range.
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    That is a good price!. . . I ordered a Doublestar Star 15 M4 16" 6 Pos. Stock .223 from Bud's Gun Shop today for $669 delivered. It's a full mil-spec AR and the owner reviews I have found across the web have been very positive. I will report back it in a few weeks, after I get it in my hands and get a chance run a 100 or more rounds through it. I've shot and handled many "AR" style rifles before, but this is my first purchase.
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