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Thread: Homeland Defense Rifle

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    I agree qith retsupt...hard to beat a good ol 30-30. Even though I work an AR15
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    IMO a homeland defense rifle is which ever rifle you have in your hand when you need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexster View Post
    ...especially in an area without adequate preparation for such an event by local law enforcement. Such an event is exactly why I own an AR15, ...if Islamist terrs were seizing a local school, and using AK-style weapons, I would NOT want to show up toting an AK-style weapon myself...
    I think the AR style firearms would best fit the ideal definition.

    If such an event were to happen in the U.S., from say Mexico drug wars, crazed militia, or middle eastern terrorists, I don't believe the AK would be the go to firearm for the BGs (they will use what they can get), and in general, anyone plain clothed is going to be putting themselves in harms way from friendly fire (no matter what firearm they have).
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    I think that, considering our city and suburban scenarios, accuracy at 100 yards could and would be more than good enough for most rifles, with enough stopping power and not much bullet drop. I am still trying to decide which rifle, with a scope, to buy; never having owned such a weapon before. I figure that everybody ought to have at least one such long-range scoped rifle. I keep reading and scanning and trying to decide, taking my time. Oh, the scope ought not to be too fragile or sensitive, just powerful enough to get on target, and do good if you have to take it into the woods.

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    I started a thread about something similiar I think? I call it a "Minuteman"Rifle..something that you reach in the closet for like those patriots did in April 1775 at6 lexington and Concord. Check it out.
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    After much consideration, I made a decision as Retsupt did to go with the Marlin 336, in .35Rem. It is specifically for SHTF,Homeland Defense, as opposed to hunting. Of course, for backup, the Remington 870 Police Magnum, loaded with Rhodesian Jungle Shot is a wise choice also IMHO.

    But, in all seriousness, it is really beginning to sink in to my mind, that the day may soon come, when my imaginings will actually be realized. No politics intended here, but with the Greece thing, and Europe in general, and the intensified border struggle here at home...... jus' sayin'.
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    Since I am a big fan of AK reliability and as big a fan of the 5.56 round, I went with a Saiga AK chambered in 5.56...

    Best of both worlds IMO.
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    I hear alot of talk about how the russians are using the AK74 these days, and under the context of a foreign invasion by, the russians, it would be wise to own the 74 over the 47. As the ammo they drop and the such would be incompatible with all of our 47's.

    I also hear alot of talk about how MANY russian soldiers, specifically special forces, have reverted back to the 47 round due to a plethora of reasons. Mainly being the hard hitting power and ability to turn cover into concealment.

    I wanted to go the AR route, but ideally the AK is for me. AR ammo is just too expensive these days, but so is AK ammo from what I've been told by older shooters. I can still get 1,000 rounds of 7.62x39 for less than $200, where as 1,000 rounds of AR is going to cost me nearly double that, if not more.

    Chances are, whoever does kick this whole thing off, I'm going to grab their fully auto rifles as soon as I get the chance. It would be wise for everyone to do the same. Of course, you need to inspect the weapons and make sure they are fine to use. I can't see holding on to my AK as a primary if there is a nation wide SHTF, if I can get my hands on a FA weapon and the ammo stocks to supply it.

    Guys who have invested 3 grand into their AR or AK, that's a different story. If they have the know how, they can even swap parts with enemy rifles, and make their own rifles FA/burst/whatever. But anyone with a WASR 10(to be honest, generally any AK variant available in the US), or entry level bushmasters, stags, etc, would be foolish to hang on to what they have.

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    Interesting idea. I like it.

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