Marlin Guide-Gun 45-70

Marlin Guide-Gun 45-70

This is a discussion on Marlin Guide-Gun 45-70 within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Anyone have one? Modified one etc.? Pictures appreciated. Really like everything I've read about it. Sounds like a great all-around rifle. THANKS!...

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Thread: Marlin Guide-Gun 45-70

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    Marlin Guide-Gun 45-70

    Anyone have one? Modified one etc.? Pictures appreciated. Really like everything I've read about it. Sounds like a great all-around rifle. THANKS!
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    I've got one, I'd heard good comments about it, bought one and now I agree. Mine is blue, if I had it to do over I'd pay the extra $100 and get one that was SS.
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    I have one in my possession.

    A stupid fun gun...great stopping power by it's round as within a 200 yd. functional accuracy range.
    It'll of course go further and still have terminal velocity but the bullet drop on the flying brick is severe.

    Felt recoil to me firing off hand standing with no shooters vest is stout but not bad at all if you know how to properly shoulder a big caliber/high energy gun. It's just like shooting a shotgun with slugs. I tested this literally side to side shooting this and a 16 GA slug gun I used last year for winter deer season. Felt recoil is just about same.

    I love shooting it...It's my favorite rifle thus far!

    The unit I've had on loan to me is a ported GS version.
    Blued with walnut stocks. I trained with it and used it for black bear hunting here in MA.
    Here there are lots of brush and trees which the round reportedly will sail right through.
    Also the Guide Gun packs very well for carry in hand into and through the woods among thick brush...Much easier than say a long barreled rifle or shotgun which is IMHO is a PITA, and even at times a danger.

    I this year have my eye on the Marlin SBL version of same.
    I don't care for the sratight/english style stock of the GS while the SBL comes with a pistol grip style laminate wood. A double win there.
    Also the magazine capacity is increased to 7+1 while the lever on the SBL is oversized. Again a double win as I can't get my hand to well fit the standard rectangular lever hoop. With gloves on, forget about it. I just use my thumb in a modified lever action rather than hand/fingers.
    Also the SBL is completely stainless minus two screws done in nickel plate. This is a huge win as related to maintenance and all weather capability.

    There is for 2010 a new model called the LGB iirc that has all the new upgrades of the SBL minus the stainless steel and staying as blued steel with walnut rather than laminate wood. It is beautiful...But to my mind the SBL is most utilitarian.

    Ammo varies widely from 325 gr. to 500 gr.
    My favorite for accuracy in this specific guns barrel as well as WHOOOOMP powa is the 405 gr. Remington.
    Again firing off hand standing (I train only how I'll shoot...And I don't use benches nor sandbags & rests in a tree stand) and firing at 50 yds. using just iron sights firing rapid fire I can hit inside of a 6 inch circle five for five shots at a dead hold.
    This gun shoots.

    This is last November at 50 yds. on what was a blustery day with approx. 18 mph. wind pushing left to right.

    This is an IDPA training target from Warren Tactical with a plastic childrens halloween pumpkin hung behind it.
    The target is 'skin' and the pumpkin is an approximation of the boiler room (hearts, lungs, and liver) which I often use toward hunting related training.
    All six rounds within the circle are 405 gr. Remington. My hold point was just below the lower edge of the black square which is an inch square.

    The six holes off to the outer edge of the paper are all Hornady 325 gr. FTX bullets which in this wind and with this rifles barrel just would not shoot well enough for me. High velocity with a light weight and high ballistic profile projectile.
    Again my aiming point was same on the square and note the resulting consistency with that. Not something I personally would have any sense of comfort to hunt with, as with this specific gun and barrel. They are though said to shoot accurate in other folks guns. This is why it's key to test, train and try different ammo rather than assuming ehh it worked for Joe it'll work fine for me too.

    I spent two hours shooting this particular day running through approx. 3 boxes of ammo. I had zero physical issues or soreness and went out to hunt the next morning having no swelling or nothing like any other day.
    Again it comes to down to good and proper form. I could shoot this gun all day long and have nothing but a huge smile on my face.

    Same target as above though with two slower fire 'head' shots made toward the big square...While firing on purpose into a peak wind gust (approx. 25+ mph). The bottom of the paper was blow right so my only shot available was the head. Point of aim/hold was again the small square.

    The gun shoulders and points very quickly.
    Recoil though is stout so be sure to work on your mounting skills before hand as in dry fire practice. I did this for a week prior to shooting it and to dust off my lever manipulation skills too.
    Doing this paid real dividends on the range, which of course extend to being functional in the field.

    Did I mention I love this gun?! : )

    - Janq
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    Janq, after reading your post I'm still not sure how you like the 45-47.
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    I'd made video of this day including showing me in handling the various different types of round increasing by projectile weight (Hornady hits hardest by far of the four different types I'd tested for field use). I do this to review later offline to critique my body mechanics and check for errors.

    I'd showed it to the gent who loaned the gun to me and we both had HUGE belly laughs.
    Generally I'm not an excitable guy and I'm not known to curse all that much.
    But this day I was like a kid with a new toy (first time shooting it) and I was making spontaneous four, five and six letter exclamations left and right without really thinking about it in the immediate.
    I'd post it here but the audio is all kinds of against forum rules in too many parts to edit/beep out.

    Oh, and this same day as I was shooting it a group of three young guys (mid to late 20s) rolled up and brought out an AR15, Saiga shotgun and a .22 rifle.
    They saw me shooting and videotaping as well as seemingly talking to myself (the camera making instant notes for later review).
    One guy then noted the gun and asked if it was a "cowboy" gun. I told him nope, it's a hunting tool.

    Next thing you know he's asking for an opportunity to shoot it.
    I warned him that recoil is stout and asked if he had any experience firing big bore rifles or slug shotgun? I have learned better than to assume even if a dude looks the part as these guys did, and I very much did not.
    He says yeah he shoots .308 all the time and has a 30-30 at home. I told him okay but this hits harder than .308. he gave me the pshhaw face. Okay, cool.
    I offered him a 325 gr. Winchester which was the lowest energy round I'd had on hand.
    I review with him the guns function, safeties (cross bar and halfcock) as well as show him how to shoulder it. More psshaw face.
    I lay the gun on the table and back off to watch him shoulder it.
    He goes and does the old school civil war style bladed rifle shooters stance. Immediately I knew he was gonna get wrecked. Normally I'd have stopped him but on the fly I thought nah I'll leave him alone. he knows what he's doing and getting into.

    I stepped back directly behind him placing myself butt against a wooden rail roughly four paces off his six.
    I'm there because it was the only safe place to go in the immediate area.

    His two buddys are watching standing to his left.
    He takes aim at my target and you hear a big BOOM!!
    This *&$(er is loud. I always double ear and am wearing good quality electronic ears, and still it's like thunder.
    The gun goes off and this still makes me laugh to think of...The recoil literally threw him backward into me. As in I literally caught him from hitting the deck. He completely missed the target and the round made a big splashg in the muddy ground a good 20' beyond the target and left by maybe 6'.
    The gun flew up and out a bit in his right hand but he kept hold of it, thank GOD...As I'd have had some 'splainin and replacing to do toward the guns owner.

    His buddys cracked up falling over each other laughing.
    Dude was completely red faced. Gave me back the gun and walked it off not saying another word.
    They went back to their own gear and first gun he tried to shoot was the Saiga shotgun with a box magazine. But it fired once and then the box mag literally blew/fell off the gun. he put it back and tried again only for another boom and same.
    I didn't bust up laughing...Until later once I packed up, got in my car and got down the path a bit.
    I'd laughed and kee keed the whole way home.

    My one word of warning is that again recoil is stout...And the gun is relatively light in mass with a shorter than average hunting rifle barrel.
    That is going to make for some recoil which means stance and proper shouldering, as well as IMHO a degree of ab/core strength, are going to be key to ride out the energy without ill effects and quick follow up shot ability.

    I still giggle even now. It was funny as hell!

    - Janq
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    I've shot another member's. It's a fun gun to shoot. It's got a heck of a kick....I'd imagine there's not much in NA that you couldn't drop with that thing. to add?

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    Here's mine.....primary big game rifle for me.....
    Attached Images
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    Here is video showing recoil from various angles and views including a first person perspective.

    45/70 Marlin Guide Gun 1895G
    YouTube - 45/70 Marlin Guide Gun 1895G

    Marlin 45-70 Guide Gun First Day

    .45-70 Marlin Lever Action Rifle Recoil [This is very much akin to what happened to the dude I let shoot the one I have!]

    The recoil is not so bad if you know what you're doing, or happen to weigh 250 lbs. or more.

    - Janq is ~170 lbs winter weight @ 6'1"
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    I just bought a guide gun in 45-70. I like it but am disappointed in the factory rear sight as mine is spot welded together crooked. I'm thinking of putting an aftermarket peep sight on it from Skinner Sights. Anyone tried one of these?
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    IMHO, it is a fun gun. I would carry it for keeping the grizzlys honest, but not for hunting. A good high velocity 30 cal is a much more effective hunting round. If I had the choice of a 30 odd or a 300 win mag, I would leave that at home. If hunting in heavy brush, use a 12 gauge slug.

    A 30-06 is a good all around gun, and can effectively kill just about anything inside of 500 yds in the right hands. the recoil is tolerable and it is chambered in just about every configuration you could imagine.

    my two cents
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    I've got the .44mag equivalent, the 1894P. Some folks dislike the ported barrels, or the smaller "brush gun" format, but I really like them. At the range last year, a guy had the .45-70 Guide Gun, ported barrels and all. It was loud, but with the porting and the stellar butt pad, it was controllable and relatively easy to shoot for a long time. He was having a ball! We spoke of the Marlin guns for a time.

    There is something known as the "Marlin jam," or what's also known as "bringing in two." It has to do with the timing of the cycling of the carrier as the lever moves the action and cycles the bullets into the chamber. It can result in a very bad lock-up of the gun. I have not yet had the timing tweaked on my 1894P to resolve this, though I've only had hints of it. Not all guns experience it. Unknown if the .45-70 guide gun has the issue, but it's something to check on.

    Plus, as you likely know, the .45-70 can be loaded up pretty hot. The Marlin can take it.

    There have been a few go for under $500 on in the past 18mos or so. Particularly the ported ones, occasionally they'll just lay there without any bidders.

    I would highly recommend it, if you're into the .45-70 cartridge and love the smaller format lever-action guns. The Marlin guide gun is a good one, IMO.
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    I'd heard of that as related to the 1894 Cowboy to which I have been wanting a .357 chambered model for years (!). Very difficult to find.
    Anyway with the 1895 45-70 I'd tried my best to induce this under dry fire practice using a set of dummy rounds; Real brass and projectile reloaded with no powder or primer.
    Could not make it happen. Slow load, fast load, work the gate back and forth idiot load...Nothing.

    The only complaint and this is minor is toward the loading gate.
    There is a tab of metal that can catch your finger and will defintiely catch a gloved hands finger. There is no fix for it.

    Oh and with lever guns trigger locks as well as chamber locking with a cable lock does not work folks.
    So what I figured out is to lock the lever to the stock at the wrist. Double loop the cable and presto you got a locked up lever gun that will not open up enough to accept a live round. I was recently challenged in a BHE course by a student to figure out a work around for this as related to securing such type action.

    - Janq
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    I have a Marlin in .444 which I bought used about a year ago. Decent rifle but reloading really kills it in defensive measures compared to a mag fed rifle. If statistics hold true and only a few rounds are involved in a confrontation then I guess no problem , but if statistics are wrong......

    They are an excellent hunting rifle for wooded areas.

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    I've got an 1895M in .450 Marlin that is just a hoot...I call 'er "Thumper".

    I figure I'm good if I'm ever attacked by...uh...zombie buffalo, or something.
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    I don't have one, but everybody I know that does loves 'em.
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    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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