My Hd rifles

My Hd rifles

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Thread: My Hd rifles

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    My Hd rifles

    I selected the M1 carbine as my basic home defense BUG-OUT rifle for the following reasons.

    1 My wife likes to shoot it; this is the main reason really. She does not like the SKS or an AK-47 she probably would like an AR but she hasn’t tried one yet.

    2 I already owned one M1 carbine if I went the AR route I would have had to buy 2 of them which is cost prohibitive

    3 The gun my “Grand-Daddy brought home with him from WWII” is much less threatening than the “Gang-banging terrorist AK-47” to sheeple.

    4 It is light and handy: we have two small kids and will probably have to carry them if we have to travel on foot, so weight is very important.

    5 I could buy them with my C&R License.

    6 Having two weapons that have interchangeable ammunition and parts is a must IMO.

    The M1 carbine does have some serious cons; the .30 carbine is not really a rifle round, but more on par with a .357magnum. As my grandfather put it (Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC 1942-1956) the M1 carbine “ain’t the gun you want to have when you are trying to stop some Jap or Chinaman from sticking a bayonet in you” but a 5.56x45mm won’t put someone down like a .30-06 will either. He did say that the M2 Carbine was good in built up areas and at night when ranges were short. This is another short fall of the .30 carbine, its 200yd effective range.

    Ammo is not readily available in most stores (then again neither is 7.62x39mm) and I mean from Wal-Mart to your country gas station. Defensive ammo is limited (but now there are 110gr Gold Dots available), and reliable 30rd magazines are hard to find.

    I have only 3 30rd magazines that I trust, 2 are original GI and 1 I got from the Fulton Armory. I have another that I took the bolt hold open follower off (as that seemed to be the main problem with the mag) and replaced it with a 15 round follower. I have put 60 rounds through it and it has caused no feeding problems, but I don’t quite trust it yet. I have plenty of 15 round mags that work fine and I will get more 30 rounders from Fulton Armory when I have a few more dollars to spare.

    I have bought 200rds of PRVI PARTIZAN and my wife and I will test it out next weekend. If it performs appropriately then I will buy it in bulk.

    The rifles pictured are an Inland and a Plainfield Machine set up with 60 rounds of Magtech 110gr SPs which will deliver 668 ft/lbs, 875J at 100yds.

    The Inland is a non-import arsenal rebuild with a replacement stock and a throat erosion of 1.2.

    The Plainfield is the former property of the State of Connecticut and looks like it spent most of its life in either a State Police or Prison Barracks gun rack and has a throat erosion of 1.8.

    The current load out for these guns in the bug-out bag is 120rds in Magazines and another 120rds on stripper clips (each) in a bandolier (also from Fulton Armory).

    These are some of the reasons why I chose the M1 carbine for my family and your mileage may vary. If I was starting from scratch I would probably go with 2 AR’s. If I was on a tight budget I would probably go with an AK or shotgun.

    Before I was married a shotgun and FAL were my main bug-out guns. You can find 12ga ammo anywhere and .308 is very common too. I also did not have to worry about children and all of the stuff that they need.
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    So what if the M1's range is only 200 yds. Who are you worried about that's more than that distance away anyhow?

    My dad used one in WWII; called it his "peashooter."

    Are there more effective cartridges/rifles available? Certainly. But I dare anyone who says the M1 is ineffective to stand in front of yours at, say, 50-60 yards and let you punch up to 30 holes in him.

    Wife likes to shoot it--+1.
    Common ammo for both--+1.
    High capacity--+1.
    You have them on hand--+2!
    Unlikely to take down some innocent a mile away--+a bunch.

    What's not to like?
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    They will get the job done for HD & Bug Out.

    Try to locate a couple of vintage boxes of HIRT. It's Hot Hot.
    There is one box on Gunbroker but, you should be able to shop around on the web and find a couple boxes slightly cheaper. It's getting scarce though.

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    Well realistically you dont need a 200 yd plus gun. If you have to shoot a bad guy from that distance...a jury is not gonna understand you fear for loss of life. I think you have made a well thought out choice.
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    I still kick myself for selling my beat up M1 Carbine about 20 years ago...actually traded it for a Wather PPK/S......UGH!
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    Well, yeah pgrass101!

    A couple of good lookin' practical HD rifles you have there. Some poo poo the .30 Carbine round but inside of 100 yards it ain't hay. It is flat shooting enough to 200 yards to be put to effective use. It hits hard. I shot a good-sized marauding 'coon back during deer season and it disassembled him pretty thoroughly from 40 yards out with a Sierra 110 grain round nose soft point handload.

    One can tote a lot of .30 Carbine ammo in a jeans pocket. Magazines full of ammo stow easily.

    Carbines are compact and handle fantastically. It has "point-ability" (for lack of a better term) that no other rifle has for me. The M1 Carbine even makes a good gun for the passenger compartment of a vehicle. It may be fitted in cleverly and can be "mustered" without too many gyrations. Of course we have larger vehicles.

    We keep the M1 carbine ready for household defense around here. Mine, shown here among other potential shorty HD long arms, is an Underwood produced in 10-43. It is very dependable and pretty accurate from the bench rest at 100 yards. It handily whips the SKS in accuracy at that distance.

    "My wife likes to shoot it"

    An excellent reason for choosing an M1 Carbine. My wife even wears it on occasion when out at our place. Actually, I will have to reach for the Winchester Model 1907 .351 (show 3rd from the bottom with 10-shot magazine) to repel boarders if my wife is at home because she will go for the M1 Carbine.

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    The "pointability" of the M1 carbine is one of its major plus factors for us, it is easy to shoot and its size makes it handy to have in a car. It was originaly developed as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) and it serves that role surprisingly well.

    I perfer a pistol caliber carbine (which I consider the M1 carbine to be) for home defense because I can get more rounds off faster and with more accuracy, carry more ammo and reload faster than I can with a shotgun. I really want to try the Gold Dots in .30 carbine and as soon as I get them I will do a write up on them.
    A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father.

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    I'm an AR fan, but I can brook no argument with a guy who chooses the M1 Carbine. It's a Good Gun, and does what it is designed to do very well. They are just too handy. Easy to carry, easy to maneuver.

    If I had to choose something besides an AR for HD, I'd go M1 Carbine or 1892 Winchester carbine in .357.

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    Those are 2 sweet looking rifles!

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