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Your home defense shotgun - what condition to you keep it in?

This is a discussion on Your home defense shotgun - what condition to you keep it in? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I never knew of the potential for many shottys to be non drop safe...learned something new today!...

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Thread: Your home defense shotgun - what condition to you keep it in?

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    I never knew of the potential for many shottys to be non drop safe...learned something new today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by swinokur View Post
    I am curious as to why the safety is kept on if the chamber is empty. If the hammer is dropped to release the action to minimize the number of steps to make the weapon ready, why would you then add the step of removing the safety back into the equation.?

    I keep mine tube loaded empty chamber, safety off and hammer down. Is this bad?
    Just a habit I have with this particular gun over the years. Don't slow my muscle memory down as of yet.
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    I keep my 870 pump guns with loaded magazines, empty chambers, and hammer cocked, safety off. This means the slide release must be activated before the slide is pumped. I do it this way because I also carry these shotguns away from the home, including at work, on duty. For a shotgun kept at home all the time, I might well keep the chamber loaded, safety on. I have no illusions about scaring bad guys by running the slide; stealth is often a better choice.

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    My Remington coach gun has Hammer's on it just pull back & fire, alway's loaded with either #4 buckshot or 00 buck

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    4 rounds in the mag, nothing in the tunnel of love, safety off.
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    I usually store my Mossberg 590 "Special Purpose" 12 ga. in condition 4. And after 6PM, I upgrade it to condition 3. When I go to bed and have it ready close by and placed on the carpet, I will keep it in condition 3 for one night and then chamber a round to condition 1 (also top off the maga tube everytime) the folloing night. I alternate back and forth the readiness condition each night.

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    This is the condition in which I keep my Mossberg Maverick 88: 5 round magazine full, safety on, pump back, with a shell held by the dual ejectors ready to be chambered by sliding the pump forward. The ejectors hold the shell very well. It stays on the floor beside the bed hidden by the bedskirt until I get or make something along these lines: The Back-Up :: Home Protection Within Reach

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    I have my Mossberg on a mat beside a wall close to the bed and it is covered with my old leather coat, boonie hat that I use occasionally, and my shorts (I sleep in my underwear in the summer and leave my shorts there in case I have to don it in an emergency). I wished I can leave my shotgun under the bed just like you do but I leave me fannypack (contains my knife, tactical light, backup
    .45 pistol,spare key for my locker containing my LAR-15 in condition 3 mode, cellphone in a holster, and spare mag for each pistol) , ready to be donned in an emergency there instead. I also leave my Maglite 3 D-Cell flashlight under the bed along with the fannypack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    The difference between shotguns and handguns is that most modern handguns are drop safe...While many (I won't say most) modern shotguns are not.

    The general norm is to keep them at hat is called by LEOs as 'Cruiser Ready'.
    Magazine to full capacity...Chamber empty...Action closed (pump forward as toward the barrel)....Trigger safety set to on (opposite of RED you're dead off)....AND be sure to drop the hammer/pull the trigger on the now verified empty chamber which will allow you to thereafter cycle the action without need to hit the action release manually.

    When ready for deployment the action is cycled, a round removed from the magazine and loaded into the chamber.

    For more information on this and other means of shotgun storage reference the following.

    April 12, 2007

    Personally I am fan of Cruiser Ready for shotgun storage (only!) and would roll that way _IF_ I lived alone and/or had no children in my home.
    As neither apply to me my shotgun is currently stored the same as my other longguns, locked, empty, with action open and the actions locked open as through the receiver and chamber via a cable lock. My go to HD gun is a pair of quick access locked 1911s stored as in Condition 1.

    soon as my buddy and I get a quick access lockable storage compartment built into my bedroom wall...The shotgun, a carbine and a handgun will go in there. The longguns to be stored as in cruiser ready condition.

    - Janq

    I keep my shotgun just like this. I accidentally learned this when trying to show my mom how keep a 20 gage pistol grip(mossy 500) ready to go. The release button is in a awkward place when the pistol grip is installed, and she couldn't figure it out. This was much better than her trying to fumble with the release button.
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    Our Mossberg 590 is stored in a hidden but unsecured location in the house. While it would be difficult for a casual observer to find, it's not so well hidden that someone ransacking the house couldn't get to it. With the sensibilities of my g/f in mind, I have the shotgun loaded with five 00 buck in the tube, a #6 shot in the chamber and secured with a trigger lock. Suitable security for unauthorized use but if she's all alone, she'd better learn the remove that lock in a hurry before thinking about sending a B/G back to where he came from. As the unlicensed / (handgun) untrained occupant of the house, this is her first, last and only source she will choose to defend herself from a threat. As I'm away from home most of the time this is not a particularly comforting thought and we have made every effort to increase internal and external security.
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    Locked away. I have pistols for home defense, and a 3 year old that gets into everything so drop safe and a .38 along with a .380 out of reach.


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    I load it at bedtime, unload in the morning--to save the magazine spring.

    My 20ga Mossberg M-500 has 4 x 2 3/4" rounds in the magazine, chamber empty, uncocked, and safety on. The ammo is buck, slug, buck, slug. I have another loose buckshot round next to themagazine, in case I have time for it. Also have an ammo sleeve with 4 x 3" buck and one slug. Closet has ammo sling with approx 15 rds of buck and 5 slugs.

    1. I've had two Mossberg magazine springs go slack on me because I kept them loaded for an extended period of time. My current regimen of load/unload has kept this spring functional for about a year now.

    2. I have numerous loaded revolvers available throughout the house.

    3. We have three dogs for early warning. It's unlikely that I'll have to grab the gun and fire w/o having time to rack a slide. I'm usd to chambering and taking off safe from shooting lots of skeet; I want to be able to check out the house, load in extra rounds, etc. with weapon on safe--or take it off safe if I perceive high likelihood of threat.

    4. We live on a dead-end street off of a dead-end street way out in the country. The sheriff's office patrol station is two miles away, close to the single road that leads in/out of this rural development, and they almost constantly patrol the cluster of schools located just a couple hundred yards from this traffic chokepoint. Everybody around here hunts & is armed. It's almost impossible for anyone to blunder into my street by accident, and traffic is obvious & easily noticed. The rare stranger is a point of interest.

    5. Removed heavy, unstable ammo sling & under-barrel flashlight system, as it made the sleek-handling shotgun unwieldy and ill-balanced. 18 1/2" barrel is handy! Light levels after dark are still significant & adequate for defense. If BG cuts out the electricity, we're going to highest alert & would toss out large Maglights into interior rooms to light it up.

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    Mossy 500A

    7 rounds of 00 in the mag, chamber empty, safety off, 3 slugs and 3 00 in the side saddle

    it resides on bicycle hooks above the door opening of my master bedroom closet

    (side note: Rem 870 patrol shotgun is kept with 4 rounds 00 in the mag, chamber empty, safety on....per our dept policy)
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    Same as most everybody else.....

    Rem 870 12ga, 18" barrel 6 round mag
    Mag full
    chamber empty
    safety off

    2ft from bed. Behind bedroom door. When door is open, it is covered, when door is closed, sleeping, retreat to safe room, easily assessible.
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    My HD shotgun is generally kept with its original 28-inch barrel, the shorty 18-inch barrel being stowed on top of the rack which holds the shotgun. The shotgun is not loaded and locked away with the other shotguns. An M1 Carbine does primary home defense duties with a Winchester Model 1907 .351 secreted for back-up.
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