Best way to tactically carry a rifle? Scoped or otherwise.

Best way to tactically carry a rifle? Scoped or otherwise.

This is a discussion on Best way to tactically carry a rifle? Scoped or otherwise. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hey guys, Just wanted to get a few new ideas on how to carry a slung rifle. Usually I just go for the traditional "over ...

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Thread: Best way to tactically carry a rifle? Scoped or otherwise.

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    Best way to tactically carry a rifle? Scoped or otherwise.

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to get a few new ideas on how to carry a slung rifle. Usually I just go for the traditional "over the strong shoulder" type of carry, but sometimes you need both hands for something else...and the rifle likes to slide off.

    Other methods I have tried are diagonal (foregrip on one shoulder, buttstock near opposite hip), but that's not exactly good for quick access to the rifle. Also, there is the inverted version of that (with the muzzle pointing toward the ground), but that comes with a whole new set of issues....bumping the muzzle off of stuff, etc.

    Just curious if anyone knows of a good way to secure the rifle on your body while still having quick access to it.

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    I would think a three point tactical sling would be the best option. The rifle can be let go and both hands can be utilized while still having quick access to the gun.
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    I use a 3-pt Mamba Sling for my AR-15, which I got at Brownells. It loops from strong side shoulder to weak side hip, allowing the weapon to rest cross-body or farther into the weak side, allowing access to your strong side sidearm, or just to rest.

    From Brownells' web site:

    My AR with the sling:

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    Get a quick adjust 2 point like the Blue Force Gear VCAS or the Viking Tactical VTAC sling. They allow for comfortable carry, rapid length adjustment, and give you a wide range of mounting options. They function the same as a 3 point, just without a big piece of webbing running down the side of your rifle that gets caught up on everything and blocks controls.

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    Depends on the rifle. Are you considering a hunting rifle, or a defensive piece like an AR-type carbine?

    If the latter - the 2-point such as a Viking VTAS or a BlueForce VCAS is the way to go and is recommended by notable trainers such as Jeff Gonzales and Pat Rogers. This type of sling allows you to "drop" the weapon - e.g., when reaching for your sidearm - and the gun achieves a safe posture, with the muzzle pointing down and a bit off to the side, but still ready for action.

    The traditional "parade sling" offers virtually nothing in the way of tactical utility, although it allows the "hasty sling" use to support the gun for deliberate, aimed fire.
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    Used in conjunction with either a one, two or three point tactical sling, you can also add a CQD Weapon Catch. It's worn on your belt on the weak side and secures your weapon diagonally across your torso and keeps the weapon from swinging around. You can keep both hands free and are able to perform tasks like climbing and running without your weapon flying loose all over the place.

    This one is by BlackHawk but you can also get them from Eagle Industries and probably a few other manufacturers as well.

    CQD Weapon Catch

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    I began using a single point sling for both my HD shotgun and my 45LC carbine a couple years ago. It allows me to walk with the cane in one hand and control the long gun with the other. I have considered using it with my mini-14 and PC9, but they don't lend themselves to easily adding an attaching point.

    CQD Weapon Catch
    I didn't know there was something commercially available to hold a weapon from swinging free. I use a length of 3/4" Velcro slipped through my belt on my left side to keep the gun from swinging when I walk if I need my hand free. It is very quick and easy to rip open if I need the gun. I'll have to look into the ones you mentioned.
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    Vickers VCAS sling for me. Works like a regular sling, but easy to adjust or transition.

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    I've carried muzzle down with a two-point (never muzzle up--unless engaging a target)....not really a problem for short trips...or if wearing IBA, I use a carabiner and loop the two-point through that.
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