AR Charged or Not?

AR Charged or Not?

This is a discussion on AR Charged or Not? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; For those who use theri AR as a home defense weapon, do you keep it charged or not? To me it seems that to have ...

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Thread: AR Charged or Not?

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    AR Charged or Not?

    For those who use theri AR as a home defense weapon, do you keep it charged or not? To me it seems that to have to charge the weapon when a situation arises not only takes time but is rather noisy. I leave mine charged with the safety on. Just curious what others think.

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    If you live alone or have a way of securing it out of reach/sight/mind of kids and visitors should be ok. Yes if you had charge it before using it would be noisy but the time factor would be nothing.
    When I am at home some type of long gun, shotgun or rifle, is loaded with a magazine or mag tube full but the chamber empty but I would not normaly use a long gun to search or clear the house either.
    All up to you just keep it away from those who dont need it and have a desire to play with it adults and kids.
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    I keep mine with the magazine in, empty chamber, weapon on safe.

    If I need a rifle, it's because I've fought to it with my pistol...and it will already be noisy.
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    My AR15 isn't kept for a HD rifle, it's mainly used as a predator dispatcher in these parts. I keep a 20 round fully loaded magazine in, chamber empty, with the safety on.

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    Living in a townhouse, I don't really keep any of my long guns ready for HD; I am definitely in a pistol-sized house.

    Nonetheless, I have considered this, and I would go for chamber empty for either rifle or shotgun. Simply put, if the bad guys are so close that I don't have time to rack the bolt, then I am at pistol distances anyway. The long gun is for sitting put and waiting in case the bad guys get that far.

    With shotguns, although you might use them at room distances, you have the additional issue of most of them not being drop safe, so the empty chamber is particularly for protection against inertia discharges.
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    Like many on here, I keep it magazine inserted (and another right next to it), chamber empty, safety on. Then again, it's not a primary HD gun. The 870 I keep as an HD shotgun is kept the same way though. Personally I am not worried about the noise because when it comes time to use it, the noise coming right behind the chambering will be more of a factor. :)
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    I kept mine with magazine in, chamber empty. this was just the way i was trained to have it unless in the 'hot' area while i was in the military. If you have a round in the chamber with an AR-15/M-16/M-4 and drop it the right or wrong way it will fire and that will make for a bad day.
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    I don't have mine readied as a "primary" home defense weapon. That job is left to my shotgun and handguns. I keep mine in a AR tactical bag with four 30 round mags full. I plan on doubling that to 8 mags and maybe thousand rounds in ready just on the extreme outside chance society should come unraveled right before my eyes.
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    Empty chamber AND safety on.....Seems like compounding the possibility for manipulation error/failure to me.

    If I am counting on it for defense it is "Locked And Loaded" and I do live where a long gun could be needed. While over here the wife has an M-1 carbine next to the bed that is kept with jungle clipped 30 round mags with hollow points, chambered and safety on (no kiddies in the house).

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    Well, since my "AR" is a dedicated .22lr, it doesn't even have a mag inserted in it, let alone have a round chambered. 4 loaded magazines are stored with it however, in the off chance I'm ever invaded by rabid squirrels.

    My go-to long gun for home defense is a Beretta Cx4, chambered in 9mm, & loaded with 20 rounds of 115 grain fmj currently, and 5 20 round magazines stored with it. It's stored chamber empty, magazine inserted, safety off. Neighbors aren't a great concern of mine, as every entrance to my house has acres of woods to serve as a backdrop, and it's a brick home, so less chance of a round "escaping" no matter what direction I shoot in inside of the home.

    I'm also one of those who believes in using a pistol to fight to your rifle/carbine, so stored with it is a Glock 33 round "happy stick" for my G17 as well.
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    I keep a loaded 20 round mag for mine. I wouldn't leave it charged personally, as it is not drop safe and as others have indicated, I would only be using it if something has gone very wrong and my pistol isn't going to cut it.

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    my Bushmaster is my primary HD i keep it loaded with a 30 round clip with the chamber empty and the safety off, i keep it in the safe mostly and use my 9mm till i get to the safe and get the Bushmaster out then i holster my 9mm and charge the charging handle and its ready to defend!
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    I keep my AR and Shotgun set up "Cruiser Ready".

    If I need either weapon faster or quicker than that then it's not the weapon I need anyway. While their is the possibility of "manipulation error" I think the chance of a safety error is greater not having them placed in "cruiser ready" status.

    Chamber Empty
    Safety On

    When danger is imminent I will make ready the weapon and load the chamber.


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    Really, how long does it take to pull/release the charge handle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    I keep mine with the magazine in, empty chamber, weapon on safe.

    If I need a rifle, it's because I've fought to it with my pistol...and it will already be noisy.
    I've never understood this. You're going to conduct a planned withdrawal to your rifle using your pistol? Chances are the fight is going to start and end so fast this isn't an option, so why not just have the rifle in the first place? Assuming that's a viable option, of course.

    My AR resides at the side of my bed in condition 1. It will be the first thing I grab should someone enter my residence in an unwelcome manner.

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