Adequate suburban-defense scoped rifle?

Adequate suburban-defense scoped rifle?

This is a discussion on Adequate suburban-defense scoped rifle? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Considering common, city and suburban defense or predator hunting scenarios, say for an adequate average range of maybe 100 meters, what would be good-enough reasonably-priced ...

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Thread: Adequate suburban-defense scoped rifle?

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    Adequate suburban-defense scoped rifle?

    Considering common, city and suburban defense or predator hunting scenarios, say for an adequate average range of maybe 100 meters, what would be good-enough reasonably-priced rifles, with sturdy useful scopes and adequate available common calibers and bullet supplies, etc. Nothing erotic or exotic or too expensive, Spec Op or SWAT, this not being desert, forest, fields or mountains around here.

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    I've been looking for something similar, and after seeing the thread below, these look interesting for a good, reasonably priced HD gun.
    With a little google research, it's easy to find allot of performance reviews.
    The fact that I could use magazines for my existing pistol also helps.
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    A good .22LR with some serious glass (3-9 Trijicon Accupoint, perhaps), illuminated reticle a plus. Ruger 10/22 with a heavier barrel (although, the carbon-wrapped lightweight bull barrels I've played with have excellent accuracy for the weight), perhaps a better stock.

    From what I read, you're not looking for a in-your-face defensive long gun; you want something that can hold somebody off a ways...and the .22 will do that. Especially if you can place it exactly where you want it to. It'll drop small game just fine, and .22LR is a common deer poaching round. Add in that it has a fairly quite report (made even quiter by--if you live someplace amenable, that is--a supressor).

    Super common ammo, and about the cheapest, as well...not so much for bullet supplies, but one can amass a 20k round stockpile for around $700...

    Something to think about...
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    +1 on the 10/22. Everyone says that it's just a .22 but no one says that when the rounds start headed their way accuratly. Don't get me wrong it's not what I would carry to a gun fight, but I believe that it would be great for the EOTW senerio.

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    I'd also add a .30-30 lever gun with a fixed 2.5 or 4x scope into consideration. Ammo is relatively cheap & reasonably powerful. If engaging vehicles or opponents behind cover is a possibility, the .30-30 is much more capable than the .22. I'd also consider a lever gun in .357 or .44 as well.
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    A good autoloading 22 magnum just might be the ticket here. Its got more umph at 100 yards than a 22lr has at the muzzle. When compared to centerfire ammo, it is still plenty cheap, and it is a wicked little cartridge. I sure as &*#$ would not want to catch one.

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    +1 on the lever action, in various calibers; .30-30, .357, .45lc, .44 mag

    Or, a little more money, a BLR in .223 or .243

    A .22 mag would be good, too. The .22lr would have to be limited to under 100 yds.

    Another option may be pump action centerfire rifles, they're not that popular right now, but could be very effective.
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    I agree to the posters who suggest a .30-.30 if you need a rifle caliber, or a Remington 7600 pump in 223, it is a pump action like a Rem 870, but takes AR mags and has rifle sights.

    In a Pistol caliber, I agree with the Kel- Sub 2000 or a Ruger PC Carbine in 9 or 40.
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    1+ on 10/22 also, at range 200yds 10/22 will penetrate 1/2 in ply wood and keep going while being very accurate.

    Zeroed at 100yds with a 3x9 by 40 scope and shooting 22 to 24 ins high makes 200yd target a easy hit.

    Don't know of any ballistic gel test on penetration of 22lr at 200yds but would think it would be about 6ins, this is only a guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpw View Post
    I'd also add a .30-30 lever gun with a fixed 2.5 or 4x scope into consideration. Ammo is relatively cheap & reasonably powerful. If engaging vehicles or opponents behind cover is a possibility, the .30-30 is much more capable than the .22. I'd also consider a lever gun in .357 or .44 as well.
    This one gets my vote... accurate, powerful enough to 100 yards and beyond, and good barrier penetration at closer range. With a large aperture sight you might even find the low-power scope to be overkill for defense at close range. Not to mention it's not an "evil black rifle" and thus will be near the bottom of the confiscation list when Holder and Napolitano get their way!
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    It's tough to beat a nice lever gun for a low key suburban defender. 30-30 is powerful in within its range, and actually fairly economical to shoot considering what it is. 336W can still be had right around 3 bills.
    If it were me, I wouldn't scope it. If you must, I'd stick with a low power or even retro fit some sort of red dot type.

    Also mentioned is the KelTec carbine. That is one ugly but sweet little package. It isnt exactly powerful, but it will keep you from having to stock yet another caliber. I think the 9mm or 40 versions would do just fine for the tasks you mentioned.
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    I picked up a CX4 Storm in .45 a few years back for
    that very reason.
    230 grains will rock steel plates @75 yards with almost
    no drop .
    Its a lot of fun in 3 gun competition though not as
    fast as a AR15/M4 because of low magazine capacity.

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    Lot of guys suggesting a .30-30, and I have to say, based on your criteria above it seems like an excellent choice to me as well.

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    AR . or. AK. or both
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    Well made, accurate to minute of goblin at 100m, cheap to shoot, easy to find ammo, easy to clean and maintain, and relatively inexpensive for a semiauto center-fire rifle. Put a red dot or a low power scope on it and its perfect for defense or deer hunting.
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