Can one of you "parts" savvy guys help me

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Thread: Can one of you "parts" savvy guys help me

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    Can one of you "parts" savvy guys help me

    I am trying to find someplace that I can order the three modifications for my Remington 870 so I can save on shipping but I cant seem to find anyplace that carries all three. I want the following

    +2 Mag tube
    Flashlight mount
    Side saddle

    Can anyone direct me to a website that sells all three?

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    Midway probably. Personally I would stay away from Cheaper than Dirt though.
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    As long as you're looking, check out Scattergun Technology by Wilson.

    You might also trip over the better parts that the police 870s use these days (trigger guard and a few internals).
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    Mesa Tactical : default

    Mesa has excellent stuff for the 870

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    I would go with midway

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    I'd go with Brownell's first if possible. Some of the best & friendliest folks to deal with.

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