Considering a Bushmaster AR-15

Considering a Bushmaster AR-15

This is a discussion on Considering a Bushmaster AR-15 within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A friend of mine is selling his tricked out Bushmaster Ar-15 and 2000 rds of .223 for $1600. I don't know much about this gun, ...

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Thread: Considering a Bushmaster AR-15

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    Considering a Bushmaster AR-15

    A friend of mine is selling his tricked out Bushmaster Ar-15 and 2000 rds of .223 for $1600. I don't know much about this gun, including model. He said it has the Carbon Stainless fluted barrel, Hogue pistol grips, Rhondo magwell + three 30 rd.magazines, red fiberoptic sights, laser bore sight, bipod, case, sling, and McCollough compensator.
    I've never heard of half of these things so please forgive the ignorance but I'm thinking this deal is a screamer. I know he's only had it for 2 or 3 years and judging by how clean his BMW roadster is, I know he takes care of his stuff.
    I really don't have the money but will beg, borrow, and steal (almost) to put together $1600.
    Not knowing a damn thing about Ar-15's except that they shoot straight and are well built, does anyone have any advise? I'm not new to guns, I have probably a dozen rifles and shotguns and 8 pistols, just not an AR-15.

    Thanks bunch.


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    A few things bear looking into:
    - "carbon stainless" barrel??? Is it stainless, or alloyed carbon steel?
    - "Rhondo" (Rondo?) mag well - unnecessary
    - 30-round mags are about $15 each now if you pay top dollar
    - laser bore sight - for sighting in the red dot? why would he not keep this for other rifles? I don't know a soul with a red dot sight on an AR that bore-sights them... not with 4 MOA dots.
    - red fiberoptic sights? not a real "red dot" sight?
    - McCollough compensator??? can't find that anywhere. Sure don't need a comp on an AR for recoil reasons.

    Good, brass-cased ammo is about 40 cents a round these days, the Wolf and other steel-cased ammo about half that.

    Bushamsters are decent hobby-level guns, better than DPMS and Olympics, but well behind Colts and the S+W LEO carbines. If his gun is in pristine condition I'd say it's worth $600-700 tops with the extras (which have dubious value). If the ammo is US-made, brass-cased stuff, $1500 would be a very fair offer, $1100 if the ammo is steel-cased.

    If he rejects your offer, search for the AR shopping guide in this forum. A sharp shopper could find a good-quality AR for around $1000 today, then work on getting the extras you really need and can use.
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    I would offer about $1400 tops for a Bushmaster and the ammo/access. Decent plinker/range gun AR.
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    I'm going to second gasmitty's opinion.
    You could put together a much higher quality carbine for the same money. The ammo and the intended use would be the deciding factors here. I personally wouldn't go any higher than $1,400.00 for the package if the ammo is brass cased, but I'm not really looking at another .223 right now either.

    If you do pick it up you will want to spend some time going over the minute details of the weapon. There a lot of little things that can be done to the middle of the road ARs to bring them up to speed. has a wealth of info and and a very knowledgeable group of enthusiasts and industry pros who are more than willing to help out the newbs (I know because they help me out pretty much on a daily basis).
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    I think that the price is high. Unless you're going to reload, you can get ammo a lot cheaper than his deal. Everyone thinks that their stuff is worth a fortune! I think that the $1400 offer is about right, unless the ammo is steel in which case I would drop that a ways.
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