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SHTF carbine/long gun for my wife?

This is a discussion on SHTF carbine/long gun for my wife? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by OD You've never seen the ballistics tables of a .357 or .45 Colt from a carbine length barrel, have ya? but I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OD
    You've never seen the ballistics tables of a .357 or .45 Colt from a carbine length barrel, have ya?

    but I have, and you are right as usual OD

    (I also ate some of that Elk dad got with his .44 Mag levergun....excellent brush gun!!)

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    Geez, how could I forget the .44, she's no wallflower, she'll get up and dance too.

    Sorry Mr. D
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    Just posted some pics of mine here sir. Sub in 9 or .40 should do fine w/ oogles of options (Hey women like that :-) . I WILL caution you though the Charging handle can be stiff for her to operate(Get the Oversized one), leaving it tough to reload, make sure she can chamber a round before choosing such please.

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    I have 3 M-1 carbines, one of which has a 30 round mag in it loaded with HPs which is the wife's designated home defense gun when I am gone. We live on 90 acres so neighbors are not a big concern. I have told her if someone is in the house behind a wall and she has a good idea where they are; start about 2 feet to the left and shoot every 6" through the wall untill she is 2 feet to the right, listen for movement and repeat if needed. Hell ain't that what insurance is for.....and we could stand a little remodling anyway

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    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Would anyone recommend a .410 gauge shotgun for a tiny lady?

    I've only shot my 12 and my friend's 20. Is the recoil closer to a 20 gauge or an AR?
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    Although most scoff at the 410, one of the best rigs going is the Mossberg Home defender in 410, it has a false muzzle break giving it the look of a 20ga,, a pistol griped forend and can have the butt stock replaced with the bantam one for smaller people, it handles 3" as while, stock it with the 3" buck shot loads and or slugs, it will do the job.. ITs a lite gun and recoil will be close to the 357/ 44 mag carbine area

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    has anyone had experience shooting the wolf 154 grain soft points?in 7.62 x 39

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    Used Marlin 1894C or CS in .357 Mag. Load with the 125 gr. JHP and she'll not have any problem with it. If you run onto a good Rossi (Puma/Legacy/Navy Arms/EMF) in .357 Mag, that'll do, too.

    I'd recommend a GI .30 M1 Carbine loaded with SP rather than FMJ but they are a bit pricey nowadays.

    PS. Some how I missed Dan's post. However, I'd say the .357 Mag is better for this use than the .45 or .44s.

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    Personally I would get an autoloading shot gun. The action will help soak up the recoil. If you decide that a carbine is the way to go, then take a look at These.

    Growing up I my dad had a .44 carbine and it was very nice. Pep sights and 10 rounds. I had quite a bit of fun with it and it felt almost identical to my 10-22. It was heaver but not too bad. It was .44 mag but the recoil was very light. I see these are various calibers and there are others available. Not too bad. I just got off the phone with dad and he is going to give me the .44 for my wife. THANKS DAD!!!!
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    Newbie to the forum with LOTS of trigger time. Great thread 'cause I've been considering all the same options for the same application (Wife's home-defense long gun). I've read all the posts & have an observation or two.
    First, don't fall for "longer barrel always means more power" when considering pistol caliber carbines. It's not ALWAYS true. Some low pressure factory pistol loadings (.45 acp, .45 Colt) can actually be slower when fired from carbine length barrels. Unless a load is specifically designed to benefit (slower burning powder, etc.) for longer barrels, it's best to stay with higher pressure factory calibers because they benefit the most from extra length (.357 & .44 mag, 9mm, .40 S&W). If you handload you can cook up what you need, but then there's the legal issue of shooting an intruder with "souped-up" bullets. Any over-zealous prosecuter would just love that.
    All that having been said...+P 9mm from a carbine = .357 mag., .40 S&W from a carbine = mid 10mm, .44 mag. from a carbine can come close to mild 45-70 (whew!). The 30 cal. M1 Carbine is a good caliber choice but the guns to fire it are either junk (Universal), WWII collectible or just plain expensive (Auto Ordinance). I think I'll buy a nice (but not mint) WWII M1 Carbine & let the Mrs. call it her rifle. She likely won't wear it out practicing & it'll stay a good investment. With any luck, I'll be home when she needs defending.

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    I vote for the good ole M-1 carbine, a USGI pre-67 Plainfield or a new repro from Auto-Ordance or Fulton Armory. They can get a bit pricey !

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    I'll second (or third...or fourth) a good ol' pump .410.

    Good for squirrel as well as defense. One of my shotties is a .410 (single shot). Not exactly a defenseive rifle, but it sure beats a sharp stick.

    My other shottie is a Winchester 1200 with an 18-1/4" barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaltered View Post
    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Would anyone recommend a .410 gauge shotgun for a tiny lady?

    I've only shot my 12 and my friend's 20. Is the recoil closer to a 20 gauge or an AR?

    How about the Winchester .410 lever action ?

    Yeah it might not be a "tactical" self defense 12 ga. BUT...

    I wouldn't want to be standing in front of it, when it cuts loose across

    a room.

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    Well Jaltered, You have been given quite a selection of options from the members here. All i could add would be to maybe take some time and the two of you go to a range where they rent weapons and let her try some out. Whatever she can handle comfortably , and place shots accuratley is what she needs.
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    Obviously, this discussion has covered a lot of info and I don't want to beat a dead horse, but:

    BUG IN situation - definately a shottie -I think the recoil reduction of an auto is a plus for sure, especially in a 20GA and the right bird shot will reduce recoil further, like a #4 high brass game load or even a #6, but I prefer 4. If you don't think bird shot will reach vitals, check with Harry Whittington and Dick Cheyney. A small birdshot pellet (I would assume 71/2-9 for quail) from a 28 Ga, fired at a good distance, lodged next to the heart, so a high brass game load with 4-6 shot will be lethal at in house ranges without the buckshot recoil and overpenetration. Most women can shoot a 20ga pump just fine too, and they are cheaper so the Mossberg is a good choice. The biggest drawback to a .410 is the $8 per box ammo cost v. $3 for 20ga. and she needs plenty of pratice, right?

    For a carbine/ as was the original question the lever .357 is a good choice as were most of the others. .357 ammo consideration was discussed from the angle of velocity reduction standpoint from a longer barrel, but one thing that was not mentioned is that in a hot .357 will increase velocity. I have read that velocity increases can create frangibility issues with bullets like the famous 125gr JHP in carbines. Heavier bullets and/or bonded bullets would be a better choice IMO. So, as was posted, but for a different reason, ammo choice is key.

    For reliability v. cost - the SKS is hard to beat. But with any carbine, overpenetration is an issue in the house if others are present.

    Just my 2 cents.
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