New to me rifles much sooner than I anticipated

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Thread: New to me rifles much sooner than I anticipated

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    New to me rifles much sooner than I anticipated

    I began collecting surplus rifles a few years ago. I began first with my M1 and have been adding to the collection ever since. I have obtained most of the sub $500 rifles I am interested in, so the rate in which I am collecting has slowed considerably over the last year or so.

    A few weeks ago I came across an opportunity to own two of those over $500...well over $2000 rifles that was an exceptionally good deal. I figured it would be years before I could afford examples of these rifles, so some employee purchase stock program had to be let to. To be honest this stock from both my current and previous employer I had completely forgotten I even had, until I had to figure out how to afford these rifles.

    I wont go into the specifics on purchase price, but I'll say that I could have easily have paid the price given for one of these rifles, not both.

    Now that I have them, I am curious how I can assure they are genuine. I know the M1D is difficult to validate, and the research letter will be going out to the CMP on monday. How can I tell on the cheekpad, scope, mount, and flash hider? Same with the No4(T), anything specific I can look for?
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    Your links don't lead to pictures.
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    Need pictures!
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    Your link goes to Photobucket's main page...

    I see a picture of some chick with a tree tattoo'd on her back! Is that what you bought?

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    This might sound rude but I think you put your cart before the horse. You should have validated the rifles before paying for them. Only bad can come from digging into their past now.
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    ATC -- Thanks the opinion about the cart before the horse and I did consider that fact -- the deal was good enough that if the rifles are simply an amalgamation of parts that I roughly broke even. If they turn out to be original I'll be ahead.

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    Very few original sniper versions (with original optics) of military surplus rifles are now avalible on the market. There are also alot of copies floating around. As others have stated you should have done your research and due diligence upfront before purchasing. I am not saying you did not hit the jackpot but I have been a 03-FFL Curio and Relics military surplus collector for over 15 years and I would have my doubts. Without examining the rifles first hand and looking at all the markings there is no way to tell if they are genuine examples of the rifles they represent.

    I would go to the site and ask these questions on the appropriate forum. These folks are truely experts on these guns.

    Do some research of the Lee Enfield here
    The Lee-Enfield Rifle
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