Well, I did it today!

I swapped a .223 varmint rifle (New England Bull barrel w/ a Bushnell scope) that I haven't shot in seven or eight years for what I feel may make a fairly good Home defense gun.

It's an EEA Bounty Hunter II 12 ga. side by side. I've been looking for something with a shorter barrel than my current pump slug gun and this seems to have fit the bill.

Both barrels are open cylinder so it should do pretty good at close range. It looks like it's never been shot, but the dealer says he had to sell it as used because he bought it off and elderly gun collector who was selling out his entire collection to go into a nursing home. Anyway, there is not a mark or scratch on it and the barrels are mirror smooth.

Here's my problem - - I know next to nothing about it except it was imported from Russia by a company in Cocoa, Florida. Some call it a "coach shotgun" and I understand it's type is used a lot in Cowboy shooting.

I shot it this afternoon and the 20" barrels do seem to give a good pattern at close range. The magnum shells I put through it has a Missouri mule kick on the back end ! ! I need to get some standard or low brass shells for practice!

Anyone have any experience with one???

Any info would be appreciated !!!!