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This is a discussion on Lever Action Rifle Caliber Poll within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Buffalo Bore Marlin 1894 - 18 1/2 " barrel, .357 Item 19A/20-180gr. Hard Cast = 1851 fps, approx 1180 lbs energy....

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Thread: Lever Action Rifle Caliber Poll

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    Buffalo Bore
    Marlin 1894 - 18 1/2 " barrel, .357
    Item 19A/20-180gr. Hard Cast = 1851 fps, approx 1180 lbs energy.
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    Thanks but I am not interest in 357

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    thuddy thuddy...and you can also buy 30 30 Sabot ammo which really smacks a projectile out there.
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    Go with the .30-30--period. It has more power at any range.

    Rifles in pistol calibers are novelty guns. Sure, the old cowboy on the range may have carried one in a handgun caliber (and a wide range of caliber choice wasn't always an option), but that was more of neccessity rather than preference. He couldn't afford to carry mulitiple calibers. he only had limited storage space in his saddlebags for ammo.

    The only advantage a pistol cartrige in a rifle has is a longer sighting plane and slightly higher velocity. Handgun rounds are designed to burn powder quickly, as in six inches or so, rather than over the length of a longer, 20-24 inch barrel. A longer barrel does little to improve the handgun cartridge ballistics. Any handgun caliber in a rifle is still going to have a rainbow trajectory and very limited range.

    The .30-30 will do anything the .44 will and then some. Either caliber, the lever action will be a bit unwieldy inside the home for defense.

    I loved my Red Ryder BB gun as much as anyone and owned (and loved) a .30-30 lever action. But the idea of a handgun round and its limited potential in a rifle never appealed to me. This idea of simplifying ammo with one caliber just doesn't make sense. How much more room does a couple of boxes of .30-30 take in comparision to . 44 mags?

    If you really want a HD firearm, forget the lever-action and get a shotgun. Maybe a nice stagecoach double. That seems to be in line of your nostagic urges.
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    For HD I would choose the .44 Mag. Holds more rounds, 6 rds for the 30-30----- 10 rounds for the .44 mag. You can pratice with 44 special rounds . I can get 11 rounds of .44 special in my 1894 Marlin.

    44 mag less recoil and a 240 Gr bullet for the ,44 mag vs 150-180 gr bullet for the 30-30.

    However since I am a cowboy action shooter I am used to shooting a lever action rifle in pistol caliber fast and furious. My choice is .45 Colt to match my SAA's

    I have taken deer in the past with both rounds in a lever action rifle. The max range of the deer taken was 150 yards.

    Range for a HD gun usually under *100 yards in a rural area. Urban area shooting at anything beyond 50 yards appears to be more then HOME DEFENSE. Look around your area. mark off 100 yards, and then 50 yards, this will determine at what ranges you would be shooting the rifle.

    What is the distance between the front of your house and a car parked on the other side of the street. Normally in an urban area this is +/- 200 ft or around 70 yards

    * Beyound that range there are many more rifle better suited for defense.

    If it really a HOME defense gun the max range you should be shooting would be under 40 ft.

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    it is 30-30 and/or 35 remington for me. both work well in my area,
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    30-30. Go to wal-mart and see how many boxes of 30-30 are on the shelf-lots. only every once in a while will you find 38,357,or 44 magnum and then there's not much of it. Even when you couldn't find any 9mm or 40s&w you could usually find 30-30.

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    My wife owns the Marlin 30/30 in this family, she use to hunt deer to feed her and the kid years ago, she swears by it. I perfer the 30.06 myself.
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    Get a used Marlin 30 30 which you can find pretty cheap. Then go for the shotgun for inside the house defense.

    Just shot my Marlin on Saturday. Still working on getting it sighted, I think my scope is all wonky....if it should even have one. It just seems wrong to me - taking it off completely for the next range trip. But that's probably another thread on another board.

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