Rhineland Arms used to make a .45ACP conversion kit for Mauser Rifles (as well as a kit for the Lee Enfield) which they stopped production on several years ago. They have been advertising that they will be available soon for some time now but have been out of Barrels.

I know that Special Interest Arms is producing kits for the Lee Enfield still but I would rather stay with Mauser. Also the kit price is almost double…for that matter so are the parts guns!

I am working overseas and getting anything across is a bit of a pain. Firearms and ammo are even more so. I have a chance coming up to have some stuff hand delivered. However the "courier" is leaving in a few weeks. I don't mind bringing the parts over and assembling here. I would actually prefer to do so as it looks like a fairly straightforward endeavor.

Now my problem is that I don’t think that I will be able to get one of the “new” kits in time.

With that all said, If anyone knows of an old Rhineland Arms .45ACP kit that is gathering dust as a project that looked like a great deal of fun but never got done, or if anyone has a rifle (barreled action??) that has already been converted, I would be very interested in giving either a new home literally half way round the world.

If anyone knows of a new vendor for Mauser conversion kits to .45ACP, who are actually producing and shipping at this moment, I would really appreciate hearing about them.