Long gun in your vehicle

Long gun in your vehicle

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Thread: Long gun in your vehicle

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    Long gun in your vehicle

    Do any of y'all keep a long gun in your vehicle?
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    Jan 2005
    Usually keep a 12 ga. w/ slugs and 00 buck behind the seat.
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    VIP Member Array frankmako's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
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    yes, but only for work. it is in the g-ride. rem 870, max out, full raid gun.

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    VIP Member (Retired Staff) Array P95Carry's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    South West PA
    I'd like to keep something ''useful'' in the truck but - in PA - no can keep loaded.

    I do tho always have my Marlin Papoose in back under the seat - very quick to assemble and stuff in a mag and it's good to go. Hardly an SD tool but - now and again useful for small critter despatch!
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    Senior Member Array Fragman's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Thought about it

    No, but I have considered it. No law against keeping it loaded here in TX

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    Have considered it some at home- when we go out to get "lost" in the Rockie Mtns. - we will now.
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    Jun 2006
    Marysville, WA
    Sometimes carry a Mossberg ATP-8 12ga. Since we can't carry loaded here in Washington, all ammo is in Sidesaddle (6 rounds). Can have at least 2 ready to go in the time it takes to get out of the vehicle.
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    Mar 2006
    Spokane area, WA
    Like amlevin said, can't carry it loaded in WA. I did keep a 10-22 behind the pickup seat for a while with a couple loaded mags in the front, but I park in some bad areas and didn't want to give it to some vehicle prowler.
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    In MA, can't even have an unloaded long gun "on a public way" without having it cased! Hi-cap long guns must be unloaded and in a locked case/trunk while transported. Lo-cap long guns must be unloaded in a vehicle (very old anti-jacking law, I am told).

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    Senior Member Array ElMonoDelMar's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    NW Suburbs of Chicago
    I live in Illinois and would have to have the gun cased and unloaded. Even then some of the local cops say that is illegal.

    Bottom line is I don't keep one in the vehicle because I don't want to get harassed by cops that don't know the law.

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    VIP Member Array Tubby45's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Making ammo.
    I wish I could have it loaded in my vehicle. But I don't carry a long gun in my truck.

    I am thinking of getting one of those SUV caddy things for my Blazer like in Cabelas and such. Lockable sotrage. Like to get a Ruger carbine or Kel Tec SU16 or M1 carbine or something. OK, actually a SOCOM 16 would be nice but can't afford it.
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    I would except that I've had two cars broken into (albeit in NYC), so I'm scared it could happen again and loose my long gun.
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    VIP Member Array raevan's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    usually when I go camping. can't have it loaded while traveling, but nice to have the 30-30 in camp and while walking inth mountains.

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    Las Vegas
    Does an AR-15 bushy in the truck count !

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