Rifle hollow points or not?

Rifle hollow points or not?

This is a discussion on Rifle hollow points or not? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ok has anyone had feeding problems with hollow points in 7.62 or .223? Is there any advantage like not over penetrating, more transfer of force ...

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Thread: Rifle hollow points or not?

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    Rifle hollow points or not?

    Ok has anyone had feeding problems with hollow points in 7.62 or .223? Is there any advantage like not over penetrating, more transfer of force and lethality or is FMJ good enough(its not like I have to obey the geneva convention)? I'm looking at 7.62 specifically.
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    Can't say I have used enough HP's to tell!

    I do know the Wolf 122 grain 7.62x39 rounds feed fine with the small hollow point profile. I would expect these to cause more damage than FMJ.

    Otherwise the trend always seems to be soft point or polymer tip like
    ''ballistic tip'' type examples. These when well designed have effects more profound thatn std FMJ's - certainly in hunting.

    At rifle velocities I reckon drag/air-flow factors are more critical and so the spitzer profile is better adhered to without cavities up front - IMO.
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    i had an SKS that would not feed hp rounds at all....
    it was a Chinese piece of junk and I sold it....
    i'd imagine at rifle velocities soft points and even FMJ bullet designs will work just fine....
    That's what I use....
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    Like Chris i couldn't Say i've shot enough Hp to tell Since i don't keep the AR-15 as a HD rifle i haven't bother shooting a lot Of Hp's thought it

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    Never had any issues with any of the ar pattern , sks pattern , hk pattern , nor my single fal . Never shot a lot of hp tho , just for cyoutes and prarie dogs on occation .
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    FMJ's are not good for hunting, defensive purposes or long range accuracy (the last one has to do with bullet manufacturing). I've never really noticed a difference in feeding for rifles.

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    Maybe I'm confused, or just haven't shopped the latest vairiety, but rifle HPs that I've used are the Sierra 168 gr BTHP variety, and "HP" is a bit of a misnomer. I've never seen a rifle round, in .223 or .30 cal with a handgun style HP cavity...? Because of the weight distribution, BTHPs are the most accurate long range rounds, but a good spitzer power point or soft point would be a better COM "game taker", generally speaking.

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    Lots of good hunting rounds that should work fine for HD. Also TAP ammo from honandy might be the ticket. I have yet to try em thru my AR though.
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    My AK chews up wolf hollowpoints just as well as the fmj. Thats really the only experience I have with rifle hollowpoints

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    The onlly hollow points I've shot a lot of have been SPEER "TNT" 125gr HP's I've loaded for my .308's for coyote shooting. (4 or 2legged for that matter) And they've worked fine in my M1-A.

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    My SKS takes either 7.62x39 HP or FMJ.

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    When I worked as a Corrections Officer for La DOC we carried Ruger Mini-14 rifles loaded with .223 hollow points. I never noticed any accuracy problems during qualifications. Never any problems feeding.

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    My .308 I shoot Black Hills 168g hollow points had no problems. I usually break in my rfles with lake city FMJ .But for compititions and just the range I stay with BlackHills.merlin45kout

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