Shotguns for hunting???

Shotguns for hunting???

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Thread: Shotguns for hunting???

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    Shotguns for hunting???

    why not have one gun for every purpose?

    why have a "duck" gun, a "Turkey" gun, a "deer" gun.

    I have one HUNTING shot gun (12ga) with 2 barrels, whats the purpose of having a dedicated shotgun for each sport ????

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    Why not?
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    Because you can.

    I have single shots.
    Double barrels.
    All of them have a different purpose.
    All of them can achieve the same goal.

    Why have more than one car? More than one knife?
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    Every try a one-size-fits-most hat (not adjustable cap, hat)?

    The choke needed for a slug gun for deer vs. duck/goose.

    The choke that works best for grouse on a wooded mountain side vs. quail in a field.

    The ease of use of short barrel getting through brush with a deer gun vs. shooting a longer gun from a blind for water fowl.

    Yup. You can get by with one. Some of the best hunters I ever knew were my older (when I was a kid) mountain cousins who hunted with a single barrel. In fact, I hunted with a single barrel until I got back from the Marines and could buy my own shotgun. Didn't do bad, either.

    However, I like a hat to actually fit and some guns just fit one type of game hunting better than others.
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    Because one gun that does everything is a compromise. If one is happy with that compromise, then so be it.
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    Because I like shotguns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmac00 View Post
    why not have one gun for every purpose?

    why have a "duck" gun, a "Turkey" gun, a "deer" gun.

    I have one HUNTING shot gun (12ga) with 2 barrels, whats the purpose of having a dedicated shotgun for each sport ????
    My shotgun hunting is rather limited now, and rightfully so. I used to keep different barrels for different purposes, but alas, I'm down to one shotgun and one barrel, and I don't see anything changing soon. I used to hunt duck and pheasant in Kansas....but I don't live in Kansas anymore. Not that I've lost interest in wing hunting, just that my location and what's available has changed. I'm into the brush now and less out in the open. My shotgun is a close range hunting/home defense sort of deal these days, and still serves both purposes. I know my tools and their limits. If I'm looking to extend the range on game, I'll use a different tool. You pick the right tools for the job at hand. If one tool won't work for everything, then you'll need several tools to get the job done. Deer and turkey can be taken with your shorter barrel.........slugs for deer, and pattern for shot and what size shot for turkey and how close you can get, and the choke used. Wing shooting takes you to different levels. With the right parts, you can actually have one single shotgun that will do it all. Thing is, will it be a pump, or semi-auto? Many would rather grab for a specific tool for the hunt than swap parts on a modular tool. Making things easy is where America has gone wrong IMO, even though it feeds the capitalistic ideals and the economy. Buy another specific tool rather than working with what you have.
    Keep working with your one and only 'hunting' shotgun......that way you'll be able to keep buying ammo and you'll be less confused.

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    As others have said, Why not?

    My collection has become much smaller in the last few years than it was at one time. I used to have "A gun for every ocassion." Now I have four "dedicated" hunting guns and one HD shotgun(Mossberg 500 12g).

    The hunting shotguns are; a Mossberg boltaction 410 (light & easy to handle), Iver Johnson singleshot 16g (dedicated "shop gun", my first), Mossberg 500A /w 3 barrels (the "work horse" of the 4), and my favorite, an old 12g Winchester double bbl /w 2 9/16" chambers(my Grandfather's shotgun).

    The Mossberg 500 can fill all the roles I want a shotgun for, but the other three add "flavor" to my hunting experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    Because I like shotguns.
    I think this is the real answer here guys. Save the other 'reasons' for the wives.

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    I have a Mossberg 500 with 3 barrels, but that's because I am poor.

    I like shotguns and wish I had more, who am I kidding I like guns and wish I had more
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