AK47 vs SKS

AK47 vs SKS

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Thread: AK47 vs SKS

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    AK47 vs SKS


    I see threads about the Kalashnikov vs the AR, 1911 vs Beretta, etc. To me these types of discussions are often apples and oranges: From what I can tell, the AK is meant to be a volume fire weapon first, while the AR is a precision rifle first. The 1911 is meant to do maximum damage to a body while the Beretta seems more geared toward penetration.

    Anyway, I figure, let's compare two platforms firing the same round so that is no longer a factor.

    Let's say you have two choices for a defensive arm: An unmodified SKS or an unmodified, semi-auto Kalashnikov WASR copy.

    You will be grabbing this rifle as you exit your house in a bug-out situation.

    You will have as much ammo as you can carry or find, and you will have as many clips or magazines as you desire.

    Cleaning opportunities will be minimal, and your kit will likely consist of little more than a knotted shoestring dipped in oil or animal fat and dragged through the barrel.

    Targets will be engaged from 0 to 300 yards. You will have the benefit of a bayonet.

    You should expect to use the rifle as a club if needed.

    You have whatever pistol and ammunition you're wearing when you take off, as well as whatever knife you happen to be carrying, but the rifle will be your main weapon to get you safely from point A to point B.

    Which do you choose? The AK clone or the SKS, and why?


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    I own several examples of both rifles types. I feel the SKS is generally more accurate. The Russian or Yugo SKS's are better made than a typical WASR AK. The advantage if the AK is mag cap, and for some a pistol grip stock. With the 922r issues aside you can use the Tapco 20 round mags in the SKS and they work very well. So you can if you like have detachable 20 round magazine for the SKS. I think its just what you as an individual like better since both are tough and hardy rifles that would serve you pretty well in a SHTF situation IMO.

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    I've owned both and the main thing you need to know is with the SKS you can't make a mag. change fast
    if you still have ammo in the mag.
    You have to hold back the bolt with one hand and try to remove the mag with the other.
    this is because it was not designed to have detachable mags.
    This would make it hard to switch to a fresh mag in a fire fight if you think your running low on ammo.
    There was one SKS that was redesigned to take AK mags. but I don't recall the model/make.
    It is the only one I would buy if I were to replace the one I sold.
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    The only advantage the AK will give you is more firepower and faster reloading as compared to an unmodified SKS.
    The SKS will generally be more accurate, the fixed bayonet, uuuuummmmm well its a fixed bayonet, sights are the same and the SKS will tend to be more robust for hand to hand if it came to that. If mass hordes were not a problem you would not be undergunned with the SKS by any means.
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    I prefer the SKS over an AK because I can shoot it better, but in a TEOTWAWKI situation I would go with an AK for the greater firepower
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    I would take the AK without a second thought. My main reason? Size and weight. Plus i'm more familiar with the AK platform than the SKS, so it would be a no brainer for me.

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    I'll take the SKS.

    10rd strippers are not that much slower on a reload than most folks with an AK mag; and while the AK is more compact and will be easier handling in tight quarters, the SKS will have some benefits for longer-range accuracy.

    Add in that since you wouldn't have to deal with the weight of the magazines themselves, you could cary more ammo for the SKS for the same amount of weight.
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    I'd take the AK is its easier to tote fight ready ammo, its easier for me to work on and its now probably a more common rifle.
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    A single individual buggin out.
    Some type of "bad" situation.
    Probably an urban environment.
    Biggest problem, multiples.
    Biggest advantage, relatively high rate of sustainable fire to allow escape.
    I'll go with the AK.

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    Lets not forget that the AK came after the SKS.
    Many of the VC in Vietnam were issued SKS's. The NVA were issued the AK to front line troops and SKS's for everyone else. The VC thought the AK to be superior to the SKS in a battle and they were highly prized by the VC.
    In many communist countries today, the first line weapon is the AK, not the SKS.

    The reason that we even have them here in the states is because they were considered second to the AK and several countries sold their surplus rifles to us here.
    The choice of which is better has been settled millions of times. The guys doing battle with the SKS's dropped them in favor of the AK's whenever the chance came up.
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    Sks, because I like being able to see a jam if it occurs and quickly clear it due to the top bolt design. It is easier to clean because the interior of the reciever is not enclosed around the bolt. And I just like it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    I'll take the SKS.

    10rd strippers are not that much slower on a reload than most folks with an AK mag; and while the AK is more compact and will be easier handling in tight quarters, the SKS will have some benefits for longer-range accuracy.

    Add in that since you wouldn't have to deal with the weight of the magazines themselves, you could cary more ammo for the SKS for the same amount of weight.

    I agree 100% I sold my AK's and am very happy with my Chinese SKS.

    High volumes of fire do come in handy when they 'are in the wire' but most people probably won't have to deal with that.

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    I'd go with the AK. Some 30-round mags vs 10 round stripper clips? No brainer for me, and the AK is more compact, though not by too much.

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    If I'm bugging out to the point that I have to leave my home then, assuming I had an AK, I'd pick it over the SKS I do have. The main reason would have to be because of how cumbersome carrying the SKS is vs. the AK. In a situation that I have to leave my home, then it is likely that I won't be coming back for a while. I'll take the added weight of magazines carried in a chest rig or pack with a proper suspension system over having to tote a fence post around. I reckon if I became hard up for firewood the sks would serve me better in that regard.

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    The AK is my main fighting rifle. Reloading is a gross motor skill, and can be done a lot quicker, as opposed to using the stripper clips of the SKS. Try it under stress, not sitting in your living room. Having 30 or 40 rounds on tap allows you to fight longer than 10 rounds do. Accuracy? I mount an Aimpoint T-1 on my rifle, I can make hits out to 300 + yards easy. For magazines, use US Palm polymer mags or Bulgarian Circle 10 polymer mags. They're half the weight of the steel mags, and just as reliable. Both are rugged, but for overall use, I'll take the AK.
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