Scope Information

Scope Information

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Thread: Scope Information

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    Scope Information

    So, I made the leap and have purchased an M1 Garand...I should have it later this week and will post some pics then, but need some help...

    I've been looking at the Fulton Armory and they have a scope mount that does not require gunsmithing, and I'm seriously thinking about getting one...but I know NOTHING about's what the mount looks like...

    I want to get one that is mid-level cost...nothing excessive, but something I can use for shooting beyond 200 yards...

    I plan to become proficient with the iron sights, but want the scope for longer range shooting...
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    It looks like a good scope with windage & mil dot rectels (Spelling)
    PS As long as the Mount is on Sturdy.
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    With only one attaching point it seems to me that it might be easy to knock out of alignmentI
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